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The First Step To Reopening For Business Post Covid

It is hard to believe that we are entering our third year without Live Speaking.

March 5, 2020, marks two years since I returned from my last Live Speaking Presentation at Pro-Seminars in Ottawa, before the Covid Lockdown.

In weeks following March 2020, our 2020 Live Speaking Presentation Calendar, our biggest on record, became fractured with a large percentage of events canceled or postponed. Some events switched to virtual via GoToWebinar, WebEx, or Zoom.

I’m recalling a March 2020 meeting with Laura discussing what we would do to strengthen our 2020 business year that depended on Live Speaking Presentations.

We continued to strengthen in the following areas;

  • Personal: Maintaining existing practices of self-care that included exercise, meditation, and yoga
  • Speaking; Converting our live speaking presentations to virtual. I remember a radio producer saying this to me just before going on air; “dead airspace kills – you can’t have any hesitation, pauses, ums – you have to come out strong right out of the gate.”
  • Speaking; Creating the strong right out of the gate speaking presentation; Regenerate Your Self and Your Business NOW! https://leadingadvisor.com/regenerate-yourself-business/
  • Extreme Client Care; Continuing to provide our clients with the best services and systems in the areas of Inspiration, Business Planning, Information & Time Management, Team Building, Marketing & Sales.
  • Team Building; Thank you, thank you, thank you to Laura; Operations Manager, Amie; Virtual Assistant Extraordinaire, Belen; Social Media Coordinator, Kianna; Copywriting, Ram; Chief Technical Officer and Rekha; Web Developer, Allen; Videographer, Sonia; Research. 
  • Virtualizing Our Business; Creating a Group Coaching, Courses, and Membership Site that we will be launching September 1, 2022.

Also blog Writing these mindful blogs to help myself and our clients stay conscious; 


This brings us to;

The First Step To Reopening For Business Post Covid

The First Step is Step Zero.

Step Zero, the first number, the first step, before any other step is Empty, Empty, Empty your mind of all.

Don’t start the next thing until you get to now, empty of all projects, tasks, todos, ideas so that you can experience values like these at a heart level; awareness, consciousness, realization.

From spaciousness, all will flow.

You will be united in spirit under the power of grace with full heart-based attention.

There is nothing to be attended to other than getting to zero.