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Banning commissions related to financial products and services has been on the horizon for decades, and Fee-Based Fee-Only is inevitable.

The Challenge with Transitioning from Commission to Fee-Based Fee-Only is like the Challenge that Financial Services Professionals have when asking for Referrals.

Financial Services Professionals don’t ask for Referrals because they don’t have a Script, and even if they have a Script, they don’t have the right Mindset to ask for and receive a Referral.

The absence of a Script and Mindset equates to Fear.

Join Simon Reilly to understand and learn The Ultimate Mindset and Script to Seamlessly Transition to Fee-Based Fee-Only.

Simon Reilly of Leading Advisor Inc. is an Advocis (The Financial Advisors Association of Canada), FPA, GAMA LAMP, MDRT, NAIFA, Pro-Seminars, TEDx, and WIFS Speaker and expert Business Coach & Author.

Most fact-finders fail because the fact-finder, both process and advisor delivering the fact finder, are all about the facts and not about both the facts and feelings that must be discovered and understood at both the advisor and prospect/client level to help prospects/clients discover and invest in what they truly want. 

Join Simon Reilly to learn the following vital understandings to help you implement The Ultimate Deep-Dive Values Discovery Process to help prospects/clients achieve the solutions they want seamlessly:

  1. Discover your Value Proposition 
  2. Examination Before Discovery – The difference between a consultant and a salesperson
  3. The Ultimate Deep-Dive Values Discovery Process and Questions 
  4. The True Values Of Today’s Successful Consultants 

Since 2020, everything has been changing everywhere all at once, contributing to psychological debt without understanding a Regressive vs. Regenerative Mindset and a Fixed vs. Growth Mindset. Change is situational. Transition is psychological. Psychological debt will disrupt your business if the psychological debt is not understood and dissolved.

Covid, Wars, Supply Chains, Inflation, Markets, Interest Rates, Banking Crisis, Recession, What’s Next?

Are you, your prospects, and your clients distracted by wondering what is next?

Are you up to date on financial advisory and emerging trends? Are you ready for the future? Do you understand the difference between change and transition? How do you, as a Financial Advisor, view the future of your retirement?

Careers change or end. Relationships change or end. Role(s) in life continually change. Some changes hit us out of the blue; some have been brewing for decades. 

Concerning Financial Advisors and their retirement, a Recent Survey indicates 65% of Financial Advisors will cycle in and out of numerous Retirement-Transitions into their 70s and 80s. 

“Change is something that happens to people, even if they don’t agree with it. Transition, on the other hand, is internal: it’s what happens in people’s minds as they go through change. Change can happen very quickly, while transition usually occurs more slowly.” ~William Bridges

Do you understand the differences between these Mindsets? Regressive, Fixed, Growth, Regenerative? 

“Someone with a growth mindset views intelligence, abilities, and talents as learnable and capable of improvement through effort. On the other hand, someone with a fixed mindset views those same traits as inherently stable and unchangeable over time.” – Harvard Business Review 

A Regressive Mindset includes flux, depression, frustration, grief, accelerating age, and a regressive mindset compounds frailty, feeling useless, and feeling like a burden. These compound fears override the impulse to grow.

A Regenerative Mindset provides excitement, curiosity, growth, improvement, and embracing the future.

Join Simon Reilly to learn the following vital understandings to help you to transition to your next level of success.

  • Change Transition Transform Transcend Defined
  • The Future Of Financial Advisory And Emerging Trends
  • How Retirement Planning Will Change
  • How Do Financial Advisors View The Future Of Their Retirement?
  • What Do You Want To Bring To Your Clients?
  • To Expire Or Retire Or Regenerate?
  • Growth vs. Fixed Mindset
  • Regressive Or Regenerative Mindset Is A Choice
  • Concurrent Transitions
  • In Competent Stuckness
  • The Messy Middle

A significant percentage of financial advisors do not have a meaningful relationship with their clients’ adult children.

“Advisers risk client loss over intergenerational strategy failures.” – Professional Adviser – August 2023 

Why are these results happening?

  • 66% of adult children fire their parents’ financial advisor after they inherit their parents’ wealth
  • 88% of those who chose not to work with their parents’ advisor never even considered doing so
  • 75% of investors say their adult children have never met their advisors
  • 50% worry that their children will lose the wealth their family built 
  • 20% agree that their adult children are well prepared to handle family wealth 
  • 70% of wealthy families lose their wealth by the 2nd generation

Tomorrow is too late as 60% of affluent investors met their first financial advisor before 45 and one-third before they were 35.

During this presentation, you’ll learn these vital understandings to help you create Relationships with the Adult Children of your HNW Clients.

  • Learn a Step By Step Process to help your HNW Clients Understand the Value of Multigenerational Risk Management and Investment Planning that lead to Introductions to their Adult Children.
  • Implement A Step By Step Process to elegantly Introduce Yourself to the Adult Children of your HNW Clients 
  • Create an Intergenerational Value Proposition to be used for Brochures, Direct Mail Letters / Postcards, Email Campaigns, Website, Public Speaking, and Prospect & Client Meetings.
  • The Difference Between Change vs. Transition.

  • Understanding transition to give you the wisdom to clarify your purpose, make course corrections, get things wrong, experience doubt, build experience, recognize wins, celebrate milestones, and manage your narrative towards a purposeful growth mindset.

  • The Six P’s Of Transition; Personal, Physical, Psychological, Pandemic, Professional, Purpose.

  • The Three Stages Of Transition.

Are you ready to move past the complications of change and embrace the journey of a transition? 

You don’t have to do it on your own. At Leading Advisor, we help you navigate through your awkward middle and streamline the process that allows you to make your way to new beginnings with strategy, support, and guidance

Are you ready for the new business world in 2023?

  • Is it worth taking the time to understand the difference between change and transition?
  • Are you on a waiting list for success?
  • Would it be worth investing 60 – 90 minutes of your time in regaining your energy, focus, and activity by learning 3 appointment setting strategies that work in any economy?
  • With more and more content demanding attention in everyone’s day-to-day life, it can be challenging for financial advisors and insurance professionals to stay top of mind while competing with constant digital noise and fatigue.
  • It now takes double the amount of tries to connect with a buyer than it used to.
  • Would you like your prospects to embrace you as a recognized expert, so you don’t have to make 18 dials to connect with a buyer?
  • Have you felt your marketing has been a rollercoaster of inconsistent highs and lows with no actual written plan guiding you?
  • Are you ready to implement simple steps to get out of fear & overwhelm to create the spaciousness for you to attract new business and do what you love to do?
  • Would it make sense to remind yourself of the values that got you in the business in the first place to work with your clients to create a plan, grow assets, protect assets, save tax and build a legacy?

Join Simon Reilly of Leading Advisor for 3 Appointment Setting Strategies That Work in Any Economy to understand how to amplify your business through marketing and sales tactics in 2023.

Successful Relationship Marketing To The Adult Children Of Your Higher-Net-Worth Clients requires understanding and implementing:

  1. Create an Intergenerational Value Proposition to be used for Meetings / Speaking, Brochures, Direct Mail Letter / Postcard, Email Campaigns and Website 
  2. Implement 8 Steps to Segment Current Clients & Adult Children
  3. Develop the All About You and Your Children Discovery Process 
  4. 7 Steps to help your Clients Understand the Value of Multigenerational Risk Management and Investment Planning that lead to Adult Children Introductions 
  5. Create Key Steps and Strategies for Successful Family Meetings
  6. Upgrade Technology 
  7. Create / Research Intergenerational Clients Interest Content Marketing for Direct Mail Letter / Postcard and Email Campaigns
  8. Implement a Personalized Intergenerational Social Media Campaign 
  9. Create a Client Gifting Program 
  10. Create and Implement an Educational & Theme Event Plan
  11. Write Job Description & Hire Client Relationships Manager 

Attract 5 – 20 New HNW Clients In 2023 By Creating Relationships With Their Adult Children

Financial Advisors and Insurance Professionals can benefit from: 

* Understanding what buyers believe and experience in the sales environment to align your marketing tactics in a positive, informative strategy that brings business.

* A guide to developing a written plan for the client commitment process through people reading, a needs analysis interview process, questions to qualify, a way to guide your clients to the experience they want, and help your clients make the right choice.

* Marketing processes to attract prospects, referrals and your client’s adult children.

* Information on free marketing tools, content ideas, social media marketing management, and top-of-mind tricks for financial advisors and insurance professionals. 

“What not to do is just as important as learning what to do.”

– Simon Reilly

Are you ready for a brand new business world?

Are you on a waiting list for success?

Is fear, procrastination and overwhelm crowding out your action, confidence and focus? 

Would it be worth investing 60 – 90 minutes of your time to regain your energy, focus and activity by learning the following?

  • 3 Steps To Get Out Of Fear NOW! – learn how to dissolve the emotional contagion, hypertension and pain dumping 
  • 6 Essential Tips To Get Out of Overwhelm – this infodemic is creating more overwhelm than ever
  • 8 Time Management Basics To Magnify Your Focus – working virtually requires time management basics like never before 
  • 15 Virtual Advisor Tips – learn from my decades of working virtually with financial services professionals 
  • 6 Key Questions To Create A Bigger Vision & Business Plan – key questions to get you and keep you on track 
  • 7 Steps To Eliminate Time Bandits – there is a whole new set of virtual time bandits trying to rob you of your time while working virtually 
  • 4 Questions To Ask To Prepare For A Strong Virtual Team Meeting – keep a strong virtual team connection 
  • 5 Steps To Create Values Based Goals That Will Inspire You – reconnect to your passion for both your life and business 
  • 7 Practices To Reset Your Mindset – 7 practices to keep you energized and focused 

You can get this information in just 60 – 90 minutes with Simon Reilly, an international values & behavioral analyst and financial advisor business coach with decades of experience. You will receive the “Sketchnotes” PowerPoints, White Papers and an audio recording of How To Regenerate Yourself & Your Business NOW!

Join Simon Reilly of Leading Advisor, an expert speaker, author and business coach with 20 years of experience working virtually with financial advisors to understand how to regenerate yourself and your business now.

How To Regenerate Yourself & Your Business NOW!

The Bull is over and now is the time to face the truth and the Bear. 

What has changed in your mind since COVID-19? 


COVID-19 has just magnified the fear, procrastination and overwhelm that was already there crowding out your action, confidence and focus.

Regenerate Yourself & Your Business NOW and create more action, confidence and focus for the brand new business world!

You are a successful Leader & Manager passionate about mentoring, developing, growing and inspiring successful advisors to create a career of significance and become the best, passionate version of themselves.

While you and your advisors know exactly HOW & WHAT to do, you and your advisors experience challenges with balance, complacency, delegation, fear, procrastination, qualification, rejection, stress, time and overwhelm, all of which crowd out action, confidence, commitment, consistency, energy, focus, inspiration, practices, production and vision.

You are ready to increase your understanding; success is 10% about HOW & WHAT to do and 90% of success is about WHY you do what you do. Inspirational Leaders & Managers understand:

  • Defining yourself first by WHY you do what you do is more important than HOW & WHAT you do
  • Inspirational Leadership & Management is about WHY business gets done, not about HOW & WHAT business gets done
  • How to lead with intention, purpose and compassion
  • How to get the most out of people – and it begins with the Leader & Manager
  • How to bring to light various issues and solve them
  • Inspirational Leadership & Management is critical to the team, inspiring the team to have purpose and meaning beyond the tasks that they perform day to day
  • Management is telling people what to do; Leadership is inspiring people by exhibiting your six core values
  • Inspirational Leadership & Management helps the team understand what their values are, linking their values to goals and activities
  • Success is being more values based giving up the needs of approval, control, perfection, power, safety and worthiness
  • How to give up judgement and experience limitless consciousness which begins with the self, in the moment with self-awareness through mindfulness
  • Inspiration must be Managed to get out of your head and be in the moment, to be grateful and compassionate, a spectator of your own thoughts, and to be of service to others
  • Compassion and mindfulness are not a choice; they are a requirement for success, from which all Leadership and Management should be taking place

Join Simon Reilly, 25x Advocis, 2x MDRT, 40x NAIFA National & State Conference and 2x TEDx Speaker with 20 years of experience coaching successful financial services professionals as he helps you discover;

  • The difference between Motivation and Inspiration;
    • Inspiration is to influence, move or guide from within
    • Motivation is influenced by fear and need
  • The difference between Values and Unmet Needs – The missing link to The Law Of Attraction
    • Values drive positive emotions, positive beliefs and positive outcomes
    • Unmet Needs drive negative emotions, negative beliefs and negative outcomes
  • A 3 Step Process that will eliminate the fear that has been blocking you from your success. Unmet Needs negative emotions and negative beliefs are the fuel that create challenges with balance, complacency, delegation, fear, procrastination, qualification, rejection, stress, time, overwhelm all of which crowd out action, confidence, commitment, consistency, energy, focus, inspiration, practices, production and vision.

Leading Advisor offers Inspirational Assessments and Coaching to help you to inspire yourself and hire, develop and grow successful advisors to create a career of significance and become the best passionate version of themselves.

“When there is no understanding, there is judgment. When there is judgment, there can be no understanding or inspiration.” – Simon Reilly

5+ years as a NAIFA member attending NAIFA Local & State Board meetings & speaking at 40+ NAIFA Conferences along with coaching NAIFA Leaders combined with 25+ years of coaching and sales training experience has given me a unique and outside perspective to successfully deliver 2016 NAIFA Member Workshops for NAIFA Ohio, New Mexico and Iowa.

Here is what the NAIFA Membership Workshop includes:

  • Inspire both your association and business increasing membership, recruitment and sales – this NAIFA Membership Workshop is transparent to both the association and your business
  • Lead prospective members into NAIFA enrollment with a thought leading membership script
  • Help prospective NAIFA member’s get associated to their WHY, helping them to easily see the value in becoming a NAIFA member
  • Walk away with a Values Based Goal Setting System that will reignite your values, positive feelings and beliefs about the business
  • Create Membership Vision, Mission, Objectives, Strategies and Action Plans
  • Discover, Connect to your Values, Feelings and Beliefs at the core of WHY are you a member of NAIFA – the core of your membership plan
  • Understand the difference between ‘How can we make membership care more?’ and ‘How can we care more about membership?’
  • Refocus leadership and commitment to make a difference to all that you serve
  • Understand that when leaders become more passionate, members and clients become more passionate
  • Remember that 90% of successful NAIFA membership enrollment is about the prospective NAIFA member’s WHY
  • Understand that NAIFA members and prospective NAIFA members want to know what is in it for them
  • Learn when to tell your NAIFA story as prospective NAIFA members are more interested in what is in being a NAIFA member for them

The above will assist you with the following;

  • Inspire leadership, members and prospective members to come to NAIFA meetings
  • What you will learn will be transparent to helping you create more client meetings
  • Breakthrough the barriers and increase membership, LiLi participation and IFAPAC contributions
  • Create a strategy to increase the pilot members value proposition
  • Convert the pilot members to long-term paying members leading to increased board member participation
  • Deal with objections about participation including ‘I just don’t have the money’.
  • Engage in initiatives like having a agency meetings, adding value and increasing membership
  • Make membership more aware of NAIFA benefits at a local and state level including advocacy, education, LiLi, networking/fellowship
  • Increase your relevancy with potential members and prospective members
  • Stay active in NAIFA

The NAIFA Membership Workshop is filled with fun, shout outs, success formulas, roll playing a membership enrolment script and a membership enrollment plan that will ignite your membership goals.

The NAIFA Membership Workshop can be delivered in 2 ½ hour and 4 hour formats. The Workshop includes an advance telephone SWOT analysis with Simon Reilly and your NAIFA Board.

My speaking calendar for 2016/2017 is limited. Please contact Laura at 1 877 248 6012 or email lreilly@leadingadvisor.com to schedule a Conference / Webinar Call with your State or Local Board so that I may introduce the highlights of NAIFA Membership Workshop.

Please note that my vision is to deliver the NAIFA Membership Workshop for your NAIFA Board the day before delivering The Inspirational Tipping Point / The Page Business Plan speaking presentation(s) for your Kick Off, MDRT Day, Sales Congress or Local/State Conference.

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service.

Simon Reilly

PS – Here’s the feedback from Greg Johnson and Steve Dewer, NAIFA Iowa Board Members;

“I liked the one-on-one engagement question session, hearing about how to get rid of my ‘backseat driver’ and the flexibility of Simon’s workshops. I learned tools to help me strategize a membership plan.”

Greg Johnson
Johnson Insurance

“Simon’s fact finder is transferable to NAIFA enrollment and client discovery. It’s a great way to discover what is important to others! I gained a deeper awareness of my values, beliefs and feelings.”

Steve Dewer
Financial Decisions Group

Would it be worth investing 60 – 90 minutes of your time to understand how to create more sales, focused action and a bigger vision & plan and save you decades of struggle?

You already know countless techniques & solutions yet there are times when you are stuck, inconsistent and you don’t understand WHY.

Most techniques & solutions are about HOW & WHAT to do and relate to 10% of your success. Sustainable success is 90% about WHY you are doing what you are doing.

In this Inspirational Tipping Point Presentation with Simon Reilly, you will learn the following and receive FREE follow up assignments to;

  • Integrate 3 keys to understand, implement and magnify your WHY and create more sales, focused action and a bigger vision & plan for 2015 and beyond
  • Answer 5 questions to design and jumpstart your 2015 business plan
  • Learn a 7 step process to get out overwhelm and plan your time
  • Discover 5 keys to delegating more and build a stronger team
  • Implement 9 Steps to fill your marketing funnel with qualified prospects
  • Follow 5 sales steps to help your prospects decide to become clients in less than 1 hour
  • Create a sustainable system for long lasting success
  • Know More … to Sell More!

Remember, failure is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results without understanding WHY.

Join Simon Reilly of Leading Advisor, a NAIFA National & State Conference, a 2x MDRT & TEDx Talk Speaker and expert Financial Advisor Coach to understand how to create more sales, focused action and a bigger vision & plan in hours versus decades of struggle through The Inspirational Tipping Point.

When there is no understanding, there is judgment. When there is judgment, there can be no understanding or inspiration.

– Simon Reilly

Simon Reilly Speaking Topics – Breakthrough! – How to Breakthrough The Plateauing Out Syndrome

  • Have you managed to maintain the same levels of production through recent events?
  • Are you struggling to figure out how to “grow” your business in real terms?
  • “The Plateauing Out Syndrome” was coined by the members of The Million Dollar Round Table. With the advent of “The New Normal” contributing to clients taking longer and longer to make decisions, Breaking Through “The Plateau” seems more daunting than ever.

For some, the pace of business isn’t what it used to be contributing to thoughts like, “is this all there is?”, and “what am I doing this for?”, and “what is the use?”

“When there is understanding, there is no judgment. When there is judgment, there can be no understanding or inspiration”.

Join Simon Reilly to understand How To Breakthrough “The Plateauing Out Syndrome”.

Are you bumping into the same office issues time and again? Are you a control freak? Stop being a control freak within your own business.  Control freaks will make a living, but they will not make any money.

We will introduce you to a scientific approach to creating sustainable change. Through a battery of assessments we focus on the issues that are stopping you from gaining the results that you are looking for. You will be motivated out of your comfort zone and move in a direction you really want to go. You will understand what is stopping you from moving forward. You will get re-inspired about your business, and you will attract more clients and business.

You will also learn how to create a team of people who can create a business for you.  You cannot grow your business yourself.  Select your people based on their skill set and the appropriate Values & Behaviors for the position. Hire a support team to do exactly that, support you and your business, and let them.

Management is about systems; leadership is about people. Learn how to recruit, train, and inspire your dream team.

It’s all about Questions, the Questions we ask Ourselves and the Questions we ask our Clients
In a time-based economy you can never demonstrate enough value to justify your fee. In a results-based economy you can never do enough to justify your commission.

Things have changed from a results-based economy to an experience-based economy.

Clients want the experience; they want an advisor who shows up on time, who they can trust, who treats them like family, who finishes what they start and who fulfills their commitment.

You’ve got to make a difference in the way people think and feel about themselves. That’s the real reason clients buy from you and stay committed.

It’s not about an extra quarter percent. It’s about how you make clients feel.

Secure, safe, confident and committed clients will stay as clients.

Customers move on, they care less about how they feel and more about getting the cheapest price.
Customers can get it for a quarter percent less anywhere and they are just customers.

From the very first visit to your website, through telephone, front desk, consultation, delivery and after sales, the client experience can create a brand ambassador or a brand disaster. A happy client becomes an unpaid ambassador of your sales force.

In order for commitment to happen;

  • An advisor has to make a difference in the way they think and feel about themselves
  • An Advisor has to make a difference in the way clients think and feel about themselves

It’s 90% about WHY and 10% about HOW and What to do.

Join Simon Reilly in this value-packed presentation, The Psychology of the Client Interview that includes the moments of truth that will both re-create your commitment to your business and create committed clients for life.

When there is no understanding, there is judgment. When there is judgment, there can be no understanding or inspiration.

– Simon Reilly

CE Accredited

CE Accredited under the 2010 Advocis / CLU Institute CE Accreditation Guidelines

Are Your Advisors Ready To Understand & Clear Practice Management Issues Like These?

The Clear Your Roadblocks™ Corporate Workshop & 60 Day Follow-up Coaching Program will teach your Advisors immediate and usable business planning skills to understand the missing link to business planning, asking for referrals and delegation which are the stepping stones to the next level of success in their business.

This is about learning how to regain inspiration.

Inspiration is based on values like communication, listening and wisdom.

Values are the core of all positive beliefs and feelings.

Inspiration is sustainable because it is driven from within.

Motivation is based on unmet needs like recognition, safety and worthiness.

Unmet needs are the core of all negative beliefs and emotions.

Motivation is not sustainable because it is driven from the outside trying to medicate the unmet need with people, places and things.

What Are The Practice Management Issues That Many Advisors Are Facing?

No business plan, no goals, in overwhelm and not asking for referrals just to name a few.

Business Plan and Goals – The unmet need of safety generates the negative beliefs of “I don’t have enough time” and “I don’t have enough money” which fuel the negative emotions of anxiety and fear … hence, the advisor is addicted to survival. It is impossible to build a strong set of values, vision, business plan and goals with this happening. A learned advisor said “most financial advisors are addicted to selling and they will not take the time to build a vision, business plan and goals.”

In Overwhelm – The unmet need of control generates the negative beliefs of “I am out of control” and “no one can do it as good as me” which contributes to the negative emotion of fear. The Law Of Attraction is absolute and with the unmet need of control fueling the negative beliefs and negative emotions, the financial advisor unwittingly will not delegate and if they do, no one will ever be able to do the job as good as them. The unmet needs become their jailor.

Asking For Referrals – Ninety percent of advisors agree that asking for referrals is the number one way to build their business and only fifteen percent actually ask for referrals on a consistent basis. The challenge is the unmet need of approval which generates negative beliefs like “what if they say no” which fuel negative emotions like uncertainty and worry.

“Values are like turtles, they only come out when it is safe.” Unmet needs will dominate ones values, vision, business plan, goals and ability to grow until the unmet need is met from within.

Approved for CE Credits by California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Minnesota, Montana, New York, Nevada and Texas under the sponsorship of The National Underwriter Company for the Senior Market Advisor Expo, August 25th, 2011 in Las Vegas, NV.

“If you don’t get the words right, you might build the wrong business and may never get the numbers right.”

Do your Advisors:

  • Have too many scattered ideas?
  • Need to focus on a few ideas?
  • Need to jumpstart their business right now?
  • Have no time or interest in writing a 50 page business plan?
  • Need to determine if they’re focusing on the right things?
  • Need an effective blueprint to keep themselves and their team focused?

Consider a fresh, simple approach to business planning

The One Page Business Plan™ will enable your Advisors to focus on what is important – a powerful tool for building and managing a business.  It’s short, it’s concise, and it delivers results quickly and effectively.

There can be no question as to where your Advisors business is headed when it is in writing, especially when they have the key essentials about growing their business clearly specified on a single page.

Is this another ho-hum course on business planning like the ten others your Advisors have attended? No way!  I know how to capture the essence of any business in just a few minutes using the innovative key word and short phrase techniques using the One Page Business Plan™.

The One Page Business Plan™ Is Easy!

Creating a plan has never been easier than using the One Page Business Plan™. This concise process will bring new energy to your Advisors business and they’ll find great value in developing a one-year action plan that guides their business decisions and focuses their resources where they’ll be most productive over the upcoming year.

“One of the biggest things that I’ve found is I believe you treat everyone as an individual which is – anything you’ve ever shared with me, by sending me the mission vision, you are really hitting it – when you say hitting the nail on the head – you are doing that with me in every conversation we have and it gets through to me and I listen and I respect you and any of the assignments I’m doing, I’m doing because I know they are heading me in the right direction. The thing is when I met you I knew – the comfort was there. 

Mathias Dimter, B.A. Econ., CSA, CFP
Freedom 55 Financial
Nanaimo, BC

You Want To Do Something Different For The Advisors That You Work With. Don’t Wait.

You know you want to grow your business and earn more money but don’t know where to start. Planning is a critical part of business growth. One of the biggest reasons that people fail to realize success is that they fail to plan for it. They limp along year after year hoping that luck and hard work will get them through.

Learn 7 Actions you can take to get faster and farther than you ever thought possible, and with less energy than you ever thought it would take.

  • Construct a powerful, inspiring and compelling vision for the future
  • Create space for your vision
  • Find out what inspires you
  • Learn why you’re dragging your heels
  • Discover your values
  • Hire the right team
  • Learn how to define your 90-day goals
  • Create a work/life balance
  • Find out how and why it’s important to measure your achievements
  • Learn how to manage your time
  • Adopt a new attitude – you’ll be glad you did