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  • Attraction
  • Currency/Energy
  • Encouragement
  • Faith
  • Partnering/People
  • Professionalism/Quality/Service
  • Sense/Wisdom
  • Teaching
  • Understanding/Empathy
  • Venture

Our vision is to help our clients and their teams to feel fulfilled through the development, realization and enactment of their values, vision, mission and purpose. We define fulfillment as a deep, soul-orientated feeling that one experiences when they are expressing their values, and being themselves.


Our mission is to help our clients and their teams to wholeheartedly engage in their values to identify, enjoy and profitably deliver their best talents for the benefit of their clients, teams and themselves.

Our purpose is the expression of our inner awareness of our values and the acceptance of forgiveness.

This page is dedicated to


Thomas identified the following definitions which include his Vision, Purpose & Mission (VPM) circa 1997 est.  Thomas met and exceeded his VPM and left the world in a better place with the tools to magnify and exceed his VPM beyond his wildest dreams.


Vision What YOU SEE as possible for others, the world. My vision is a world where people are able to spend their lives knowing and using the real gifts they have been given.


Mission What you are here TO DO. Your specific actions, task or goals to realise your vision and Purpose. My mission is to help 20,000 people discover their true gifts, reorient their lives around them and thank me for it.


Purpose Why you are here. What you are here TO BE. My purpose is to be a demonstration that one can re-orient one’s life to share those gifts.

Do you see the distinction between the three terms?



Vision is about what you see as possible.



Mission is what you are going to do to make the vision happen.



Purpose is how you are going to be, to further that possibility.

What are you doing today to make your vision happen?


Laura Reilly

Director of Operations