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About Leading Advisor

Simon Reilly has been working with Financial Services Professionals since 1997, going beyond the mechanics of success. Leading Advisor’s coaching program pulls back the curtain and clients learn what holds back their greatest potential. Simon mentors clients to inspire themselves, thus transforming their businesses creating fulfilling, rewarding, and sustainable success.

Innovation In The Following Areas

leading your financial advisor business

coaching you to become a leader/business person vs. salesperson;

the self-managing financial advisor business  
coaching your senior team to manage your business on a day-to-day basis effectively;

the “a” client/associate driven financial advisor business
reducing or eliminating your B, C, D client time to enhance your A client time and adjusted EBITDA through associate productivity;

advanced financial modeling
monitoring benchmark performance and analyzing the profitability of every producer;

the ideal team
picking winners – the recruitment and retention of people whose performance, values and, behaviors align with your core values, mission & vision, laying the foundation for a strong succession plan;

low-cost internal marketing
driving new client inquiries through word-of-mouth and digital recommendation;

the complete digital client journey
combining technology (IOS) and people (TCO) to maximize conversion and average client value;

the ultimate guide to plan, market, prospect, and close – live or virtual
systemizing your marketing, prospect, and client processes to propel your business forward in 2022 and beyond.


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Simon has spoken to over 25,000 advisors across Canada & the USA at over 250 financial advisor conferences that include Advocis, FPA, GAMA LAMP, MDRT, NAIFA and WIFS.

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