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Simon delivers engaging presentations that will add value to your next Association, Conference, Sales or Study Group Meeting. 

Are you finding it difficult to find truly relevant and interesting professional speakers for your Association, Conference, Sales or Study Group?

Simon’s Dynamic Speaking Topics include:

  • The Inspirational Tipping Point – For Financial Advisors
  • The Inspirational Tipping Point – For Distributors, Managers & Recruiters
  • One Page Business Plan – You Don’t Need More Time….You Just Need To Decide!
  • 7 Actions to Take Now to Meet and Exceed Your Sales Goals
  • 13 Steps To Delegation, Hiring & Building A Championship Team
  • The Psychology Of The Client Interview – It is all about the Questions, the Questions we ask Ourselves and the Questions we ask our Client

Leading Advisor’s Custom Presentations Convert Your Message into an Engaging Story!


How To Upgrade Your Core Personal Operating System

What are your advisors expectations for this year?

How many of your advisors have written business plans this year that will jumpstart their business and make a real difference in their bottom line?


"I highly recommend Simon Reilly as an opening speaker for your next conference."

John B. Nichols

Did you know only 12% of Financial Advisors ask for referrals?

What if Financial Advisors were able to ask for referrals 50% of the time?

The Inspirational Tipping Point

"Simon Reilly’s Inspirational Tipping Point presentation to NAIFA Washington State’s September 2013 Financial Forum met and exceeded expectations on all fronts. I asked Simon to deliver brand new material that would engage our members and here are the comments that I received:“captivating, revealing, a unique path to the heart of creating performance, a breakthrough in talking about introductions with clients, I didn’t anticipate that I would change the way I think about myself, discovered structures to quantify analytics of one’s values system – thus being able to track overall efficiency in one’s practice,  Simon spoke like one of us – he knew the jargon and understands our challenges, revelations and insights that stirred me, a concise review of solid principles, it brought me back to the passion of our business, great presentation in motivating me for my 3-5 year plan and I’ve been in business for over 20 years. I highly recommend Simon Reilly as an opening speaker for your next conference."
John B. Nichols
President- Elect NAIFA Washington State