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What’s been going on and what to expect about Leading Advisor’s future

Remember in 2019 when we had just plain old Decision Fatigue?

Now we are combining fears and viruses of the following that contribute to even more fatigue; Covid-Virtual-War-Inflation-Interest Rates-Recession Fatigue.

The Chinese symbol for crisis is made up of two symbols; danger and opportunity.

Are you in limbo in your business and personal life, stuck between danger and opportunity?

Are you coming from a place of danger or from a place of opportunity? 

Where are you coming from?

The mind or the heart?

It is said there are two emotions; fear and love.

Over the course of every day, I stop and ask; where am I coming from?

My mind’s fear or my heart’s love?

When I notice that I am too preoccupied in my mind, which can lead to overwhelm and fear, I return to my heart by affirming three times; Be still and unify my mind, body, and heart in the infinite. This unifying affirmation strengthens my immune system with every heartfelt breath that I take.

Returning to my heart center over the course of the day is essential as we have a lot going on in our business and personal lives. 

On April 15th, we signed the paperwork to list our home to downsize and simplify our lives.

We plan to move to Victoria, BC, to be closer to Laura’s Mom, Helen, and eventually relocate to San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico. Our business and personal lives are portable, and we can operate from any location. Vancouver Island is a beautiful rainforest, and we look forward to warmer weather and sunshine. We imagine that we will produce a yearly LIVE Leading Advisor Retreat in San Miguel de Allende.

Helen, at 91 with vasculitis, was diagnosed with Covid the day after we signed the paperwork to list our home.

Helen was not getting better after two trips to the Covid Clinic in Victoria. Laura drove to Victoria on April 26 to take Helen to Emergency. Helen was admitted with Covid and pneumonia. Laura stayed in Victoria for the balance of the week to be available for Helen, along with doing housework and laundry. Also to be available for Helen in the event she was ready to come home, as she was getting better while on medication and oxygen. Laura traveled home on Friday, April 29th, as Helen would remain in hospital over the weekend.

Laura returned home Friday, April 29th, in time to take me to Emergency with kidney stones.

My kidney stones have passed; Helen returned home on Monday, May 2nd, on oxygen and quarantine and is continuing to recover, which speaks to her strong constitution at 91. 

Laura and I happily celebrated our 19th wedding anniversary on May 4th and, no, we did not plan “May the fourth be with you”.

We are not in a hurry to sell, and the real estate market has slowed with; Covid-Virtual-War-Inflation-Interest Rates-Recession Fatigue. Yet Vancouver Island prices to continue to increase. 

And with all of this; Be still and unify my mind, body, and heart in the infinite with a Buffer Week at the end of every month as Leading Advisor is getting more and more complex. I require the spaciousness for deeper and deeper concentration and focus as Leading Advisor’s coaching, and speaking opportunities are becoming more and more complex.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to our team members that have over the top commitment;

  • Coaching, speaking, and operations; Laura, Amie and Bobbi
  • Copywriting, social media, and web developers; Belen, Kianna, Ram, and Rekha

More and more unique speaking and one-on-one coaching opportunities continue to come our way.

Over the past three-four years, in the pursuit of more scalability, as there is only so much of Simon to go around, I’ve been working with various full stack web developers to create online group coaching, courses, and membership site. While this mega project is 95% complete, it is on hold with everything that we have going on, and we plan to launch this in January 2023.

The group coaching, courses, and membership site have been a labor of what I don’t love and have likely cost me $1,000,000 in the combined cost of energy, focus, money, and time & opportunity cost loss. For me, it has been challenging to communicate my vision to various full-stack web developers to realize what I want without repeated explanation and micro-managing.

As a values and behaviors analyst, looking at my Omniverted values and behavioral style;

  • Introverted – highly analytical style, and once the analytical is done, meaning I have videoed and written the instructions for the group coaching, courses, and membership site
  • Extroverted – highly decisive style, does not want to deal with repeated explanation and micro-managing, as I have shifted into extroverted high gear, executing scheduled prioritized tasks

I manage my time management in much the same way;

  • Monday and Tuesday are Buffer / Introverted Days where I am working “On” the business with planning, organizing, and preparing the business and coaching calls
  • Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday are Focus / Extroverted Days where I am working “In” the business with coaching and speaking

I don’t enjoy flipping back and forth between my Extroverted and Introverted values and behavioral style.

As I write this, I realize I must do a better job on Monday & Tuesday to communicate the planning, organizing and preparing to my team at the beginning of the week to avoid brand new analytical work Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. So brand new analytical work will have to wait until the following Monday and Tuesday. This is most relevant to the group coaching, courses, and membership site as website architecture is brand new to me.

To improve the management and completion of the group coaching, courses, and membership site, I am working with a manager to manage the completion of the group coaching, courses, and membership site. 

Note to self;

  • Be still and unify my mind, body, and heart in the infinite.
  • Be still and unify my mind, body, and heart in the infinite to realize that it will take time for the manager to get fully associated with understanding and communicating my vision to the full stack web developers to understand what I want.

I find blogging very therapeutic as it helps to clarify my vision and boost my immune system.

Opportunity cost loss happens when I am not investing in my best talents.

My best talents are the following based on 25 years of experience with; budget, facts, income, numbers, profit, reserves, return on investment, and streamlining processes and systems;

  • Operating all areas of Leading Advisor
  • Researching the challenges that advisors are facing
  • Writing thought-leading processes and systems
  • Creating thought-leading speaking presentations
  • Marketing thought leading solutions and presentations
  • Speaking live or virtual
  • One on one consulting with financial advisors that are business people / consultants versus financial advisors that are salespeople

My best talents are being realized and exhibited in May via; 

My last live speaking presentation was March 5, 2020, for Pro-Seminars in Ottawa, and since then, I have delivered or booked 48 virtual speaking presentations related to the following Processes and Systems;

Processes & Systems

  • Inspiration
  • Vision, Business, and Marketing Planning
  • Information and Time Management
  • Team / Succession Planning, Hiring/Recruiting, Leadership, Management, Communication, and Conflict Resolution
  • Marketing Plan Project Management & Execution;
  • WHY / Unique Value Proposition Interview & Copywriting
  • Direct / Email Campaign Creation, Management & Analytics
  • Social Media Campaign Creation, Management & Analytics
  • Scheduling Via Telephone, Message, Email
  • Market, Prospect, Consult, Propose & Close;
  • Charitable Giving
  • Fee For Service
  • Financial Planning / Life Insurance  
  • Group Benefits 
  • How To Create Relationships With The Adult Children Of HNW Clients.
  • Speaking Presentation Steps; Intro, Overview, Presentation Part 1, Call To Action 1, Presentation Part 2, Call To Action, Appointment Bookings

As an example, The How To Create Relationships With The Adult Children Of HNW Clients is being developed into an entire turnkey process packing articles and postcards that our clients can stimulate conversations about Intergenerational Financial Planning well in advance of Client Review Meetings. Check out our most recent blogs examples;

 Interesting Speaking and Coaching Facts are;

  • Expressions Of Interest for Coaching is down 75% from Live to Virtual Speaking because;
  • Audiences are fatigued 
  • Virtual speaking does not translate as well as LIVE 
  • Client Retention is up 400% because the clients we are attracting are financial advisors that are business people / consultants versus financial advisors that are salespeople. Financial advisors that are business people / consultants want Processes & Systems. Financial advisors that are salespeople want the next shiny ball syndrome/good idea that has no substance.

I’m noticing that we are doing more and more consulting & agency work for our clients where our team is providing consulting on inspiration, planning, information and time management, marketing, prospecting, and sales, combining copywriting, social media, and marketing support to attract qualified appointments for our clients.

I find this rather telling. 

  1. While I seem to lack the patience to complete our group coaching, courses, and membership site, there doesn’t appear to be a return on investment …
  2. All of the work that has gone into developing our team and all of the Processes and Systems for Leading Advisor and financial advisors that are business people / consultants is creating a return on investment 

Webinars and Forums are new on the horizon.

We’ll keep you posted with new updates about these.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.