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Multigenerational Client Gifting Ideas for Financial Advisors

When a birthday, holiday, or special occasion comes around, the thought of gift-giving may cross your mind at the last minute. Panic sets in – but what should I get them? Not to worry. You don’t need to give an elaborate gift for every holiday, a list of client gifting ideas should be more than enough. You can then choose from this list the gift that is more apropriate for each type of client. 

On many occasions, a card or a phone call is a perfect way to have a simple connection that reminds your client that you care. It’s recommended that you have 33 touch points with your clients per year, with some of those as quarterly or semi-annual gifts. They don’t have to be flashy or expensive; they just need to be sincere. 

Client Gifting Ideas for Financial Advisors

Building your business requires creating new connections through networking and referrals. You also want to show gratitude to your clients for choosing you, sharing your name when someone asks for recommendations, and remind them about the benefits of working with you (aside from the great financial results). 

Keepsakes for your clients or special experiences can help you stay top of mind throughout the year. You want to have timeless, practical, sentimental or entertaining client gifting ideas so that you don’t just grab the standard gift basket at your local grocery store they’ve probably purchased for someone else before.

Here are some of our favorite client gifting ideas that any generation will love. 

Local Goodie Box

Putting together your own box of locally made goods puts an extra touch on the ever-so-popular food or drink basket. Have any local breweries or wineries nearby?

You can add in a few cans or bottles along with some treats, cheeses, or gourmet donuts. You’re not just restricted to things you’d see at a birthday party or on a charcuterie board.

Get creative with personally labelled jams, local honey, hot sauces, or even high-quality bakeware. If you tend to host client appreciation events, you should take the opportunity to ask for allergies and note any in your CRM. That way, you can avoid a nut-inspired basket for anyone with a peanut allergy. 

Personal Touch Items

Adding a person’s name to their gift takes it to the next level of personalization. It’s not just a coffee mug you picked up at the dollar store anymore. It’s a thoughtful gift they’ll be proud to use, displaying its unique design. There are many personal client gifting ideas you can think outside the box instead of the standard fountain pen. 

A personalized charcuterie board, wine label, yeti rambler, BBQ tools, gardening tools, and laptop bags are just a start. When selecting a personalized gift, focus on something timeless, functional, or entertaining – not cheesy. 

Useful Household Items

The key here is the word useful. Don’t get someone another magnetic calendar when they probably just use their phone to schedule things or a whiteboard calendar in the kitchen.

Instead, you can make a seasonal drop-off plan that would be helpful for any generation. For example, any Boomer down to Gen Z that owns a home goes through the typical spring and fall clean-up in their yard. Wouldn’t it be helpful if their favourite financial advisor dropped off leaf bags at the beginning of each season?

It’s a great time to stop by for a quick hello. Other helpful household items could include a branded knife set, oven mitts, foamy soaps, or a welcome mat.

Fireproof Document Safe

As their financial advisor, you have an easy go-to gift that can show how much you care for your clients.

Passports, financial documents, and birth certificates are not as easily replaceable during a fire.

Giving the gift of security gives you the opportunity to have a punchy line about securing their health, wealth, and important documents. 

The Gift of Security

Beyond keeping documents safe, clients that focus on growing their wealth are typically interested in financial security. With that comes other umbrellas of security, such as their home.

Another of our client gifting ideas for any generation is a video doorbell or motion sensor lights. You can find a ton of options for under $100 and show you really care about your client or the client’s children’s wellbeing. 

Client gifting ideas for the Environmentally Conscious Client

Houseplants, new pots, hanging baskets, and seeds are something anyone at any age can enjoy. The latest trend is the low-maintenance desktop succulent!

Just like you’re helping them grow their wealth, you can help them grow something new in their garden or enjoy some thriving greenery around the home. Seeds are something cheap that can help you stay top-of-mind and are easy to buy in bulk, so you have them on hand for gifting opportunities. 

For the Client That Has Everything

It’s hard to shop for someone that has everything or enough financial freedom that they buy whatever they need anyway. A gift certificate to a local upscale restaurant or donation to a charity in their honour are little things that can go a long way in building your relationship. 

The Gift of an Experience

Something clients of any age can appreciate is a unique experience that they can enjoy. Whether it’s an afternoon at a winery, a session at a new local yoga studio, paint night, or an evening at the theatre, just keep in mind any travel costs associated before selecting your gift. 

Client gifting ideas for Giving Occasions

You don’t need to wait for Christmas to roll around to give a meaningful gift to your client and important prospects (i.e. their children, aka heirs). In fact,  you should avoid doing anything significant for major holidays. This is when gifts or well-wishes will come flooding in from other service providers, friends, and family. Yours may just get lost in the shuffle. Instead, think of a few quick and easy “pop-by” gifts that can be given at any time, just because. 

Remember, it’s not the gift that matters, but the thought put into it that makes a difference. This gives you a chance to get to know your clients on another level than just their financial interests. Along with your newsletters, webinars, and follow-up phone calls, gifting is a memorable way to connect with your clients and thank them for their business. 

Do you have a consistent plan for staying in touch with your clients while providing exceptional services?

At Leading Advisor, we help you get clarity on what matters and build a system that allows you to have more time and more profit without more hours in the office. Contact us to learn more about our coaching program.