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Simoncentric Blog

It’s 5:20am on Thursday morning and I am sitting down after reviewing my e-mails to review my client files in preparation for today’s’ coaching calls.

Writing a note of celebration that as I have done my work this week, all of my work is 100% up to date because;

• All dreams, ideas, files, notes and to-dos are tracked manually and then fed into my master planning spreadsheet at the end of the day for future action
• All e-mails to clients (if required) are sent out right after the coaching call and the files are put away
• Client communications are edited to de-personalize them and posted to my blog so that I can share them with other clients, prospects and it also eliminates the extra blogging time at the beginning or the end of the day

The following blogs are collection of client communications from Thursday, June 28, 2007

Time Management Spreadsheet
Effective & Well-Timed Ideas Versus Good Ideas
Coaching Call Client Prep Form
ADD – All Documents Disorganized