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Effective & Well-Timed Ideas Versus Good Ideas

As I reflect … I am thinking that you may have far too much on the go and all of it seems like it is an A priority. There are many, many “good ideas” … are they “effective and well-timed”? The ideas will all be there when they are ready to be realized in the correct order … perhaps not all at once. Where I am coming from is working on finding you some time to create time and income.

You have the business card, the financial planning system and the contacts to create business and at the same time, lay a foundation for the book and the supporting products to happen when it is the right time … the right time is you having a strong business and financial foundation in order to launch the next stage of your business which again is the book and supporting products.

Trying to do it all at once without the proper energy, time and financial reserves may be flirting with disaster.

I believe that you already know what you need to know to write the book … again, you know 1001% more than anyone else on your subject. If I am not mistaken, the other consultants come into play when the book is ready for publishing as the other consultants are about what happens after the book is ready. Trying to work with marketing consultants at this stage may be stealing your time. I am not saying don’t work with them, just work with them when you are at a stage to implement their ideas. One could put all the time and energy in now and then go back to completing the book and have to do it all over again later on. Why do we do this? I think that it relates to the unmet need of safety which may cause one to put far too much time and energy into creating the perfect plan, yet never completing it because there is always some more research to do.

What if you were to let the study of the marketing of the book go for now and give yourself some time and space for yourself?

Thanks for listening … and again, it is just my opinion.