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Power Surge! / Emotional Mastery / Office Flights

Power Surge!

power surge.gif
– photo courtesy of www.powercords.co.uk

Thank goodness that it is an “off week” and that I am on Buffer Days.

The reason that I say this is my main computer got hit with a power surge sometime while I was away and the power surge fried the Uninterruptible Power Source ( UPS ) and my Network Adapter Card. Thank goodness that I had the UPS which served as protection for the main computer. This still took an hour on the phone with Simon Parsons, my technical support genius with a follow up trip to the computer store for a new UPS, Power Bar Surge Protectors and Network Adapter Card. 🙁 Now I have to install all of this stuff and get it working.

This all started at 6am on Wednesday morning and by the time I got done with this, a conversation with Kim Black on our Web Site Upgrade, coordinating a private client meeting … it is now 2:15pm.

It is nearly time for a Power Surge Bike Ride!

It’s 3pm and all the computer stuff is installed and guess what? The computer won’t start. It looks like the computer’s internal Power Supply is fried as well. Now it is off to a local computer store to get the computer on the bench and I pray that it is ONLY the Power Supply and not a lot more.

We will get the verdict by 5pm today. The good news is that we do a daily remote back up so our data is safe.

5pm. The verdict. Not good. Motherboard, RAM are gone and even the Hard Drive is questionable.

Ah!!!!!!!!!!! Here is to a night of being on the phone with Simon while he coaches me on taking the Hard Drive out of the Main Computer and putting the Hard Drive into a USB enclosure so that we can hook up the Hard Drive to one of our Notebook Computers so that Simon can review the hard drive remotely from his computer location. Worst case we have an external back up – it will be a lot easier if the Hard Drive is OK.

🙂 Sounds like we know what we are doing! Thank goodness this is an off week. Now you know why you create space to work on business development – look how I timed this computer disaster – imagine what it would be like on a regular week! 🙂

Next step, fly Simon Parsons over here with a new computer to do a Re & Re.

Monday’s & Tuesday’s Office Flights

Monday’s and Tuesday’s office flights – I call them office flights because they provide hours of undistracted attention to items that include articles, blogs, e-newsletters, power points, product development and more.

As I’m taking this time to reflect on my upcoming talk I’m reminded of speaking from the heart which creates a significant difference for the audience.

From this place I was thinking of how I could get this message across to the upcoming audience and the August 1st e-newsletter.

As you can see that my intended thought certainly had a great outcome of a 65% response rate from The Co-operators audience.

Emotional Mastery

The August 1st e-newsletter will be about Emotional Mastery.

What is something that happened recently that was a demonstration of Emotional Mastery?

Tiger Woods winning The British Open.

– photo courtesy of www.wral.com

– Some people don’t even play the game.
– Some people continue to play the game while being hampered by emotions fueled by their unresolved unmet needs and limiting beliefs all which contribute to their struggle
– Some people play the game while mastering their emotions, playing to win, winning and then triumphantly experiencing their emotions at the end while sharing their emotions.

The questions are;

Are you having an emotion?
Are the emotions having you?