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The Co-operators Yields 65%

I’m writing this Blog early Tuesday morning as I will be flying for the rest of Tuesday.

The flight from Calgary to Regina on Monday evening left a half hour late because they had to re-check the passenger manifest five times to get it right. The fifth and final time was by calling out every passenger by name – here, here, here –

While all this was going on, I was sitting beside a person that reeked of cigarettes who had the sensory acuity of a buffalo and to the effects of their odor literally oozing out of them while their restless body jostled in the seat next to me. By the time I got of the plane, it felt like I had smoked a pack of cigarettes.

– photo courtesy of www.notobacco.org

Staying at The Hotel Saskatchewan in The Premier Suite was quite a welcome after my flight from Calgary to Regina. The Hotel Saskatchewan is one of the fine old Canadian Pacific Hotels and it is beautiful.



– photos courtesy of www.hotelsask.com

Once again my presentation reminds me that I must complete my book as the presentation in essence is the book. This is confirmed by a 65% request to sign up for our free E-Newsletter along with comments of excellent, outstanding and the best at the end of the presentation.

It is always nice to see the gleam in the eye of the presentation coordinator at the end of the presentation knowing that they were pleased with the choice that they made for their audience.