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Membership Workshop Minutes #5 – Membership Is Not A Product; Membership Is A Personalized Service

The Membership Workshop Minutes are a series of value added articles to help your State and Local increase membership.NAIFA Membership is not a product; NAIFA Membership is a personalized service and one must discover what the potential NAIFA wants to improve upon in their business before they will be interested in listening to your NAIFA story.

Dr. Frank Luntz offered this slide in his “Words That Work” presentation at the 2016 NAIFA Performance + Purpose Conference in Las Vegas.

Remember, prospects are only interested in what’s in it for them.

Click here for Membership Workshop Minutes #2 – 90% of Prospective NAIFA Membership Sales are about YOUR TRUE WHYwhere I talked about discovering YOUR TRUE WHY and that YOUR TRUE WHY will inspire membership, recruitment and sales. I also offered that I’ve developed a Membership Enrollment Script that is loaded with questions to help you to make the NAIFA Membership conversation much easier.

Please note that the following is a small excerpt out of the step by step Membership Enrollment Script.

When you ask potential NAIFA Members what are the three biggest improvements that they want to make in their business, you are going to receive answers like; Delegation, Overwhelm and Time Management.

Your reply is; NAIFA Has The Solution! In fact as a demonstration of the personalized membership service that NAIFA can provide you, I’ve got a white paper with me to help you to solve your problem with Overwhelm right now. Let me ask you this, during our conversation you told me that you are having problems with Delegation, Overwhelm and Time Management … that you have been experiencing these problems for the last 2-3 years and that they are costing $25,000 – $50,000 per year;   Would it be worth investing $60.00 per month to join NAIFA to make these problems disappear?

As a demonstration by example please find the linked article entitled;  Getting Out Of Overwhelm.

“I have a renewed hope for the future of our local and state membership, and enjoyed learning about the premise of changing the way we approach prospective members.”
D.Taft Hall
Taft Hall Insurance
NAIFA Ohio State Board Strategic Planning / Membership Workshop February 24, 2016

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I’m writing to all NAIFA Board Members from my experience as a NAIFA Member and from delivering 2016 Membership Workshops for NAIFA Ohio, New Mexico and Iowa.

I would like the opportunity to present The Membership Workshop at your State or Local.

My vision is to present The Membership Workshop for your NAIFA Local/State Board the day before delivering The Inspirational Tipping Point / The One Page Business Plan speaking presentation(s) for your Kick Off, MDRT Day, Sales Congress or Local/State Conference.

Click here for The Membership Workshop Overview; https://leadingadvisor.com/financial-advisor-speaking/speaking-topics/#naifamembershipworkshop

Please contact Laura at 1 877 248 6012 or email lreilly@leadingadvisor.com to schedule a Conference / Webinar Call with your State or Local Board so that I may introduce the highlights of The Membership Workshop.