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How To Stop being a Salesperson and Develop a Growth Mindset

You can’t be a successful entrepreneur without having solid sales skills. And you can’t be a stellar salesperson without some entrepreneurial traits. You can be either considering opening your own firm or just wanting to see more results in your current business. But the truth is that shifting from a salesperson and starting to develop a growth mindset requires some essential habits and attitudes towards the way you do things.

An entrepreneur has more risk and more responsibility but also more rewards. They have a deeper connection with their purpose in business and develop a growth mindset that helps them to serve their clients better. 

An entrepreneur still needs to take on a sales role to promote their services and offerings. But there are some key traits make them more successful than the average advisor. Read on to discover the best practices to develop a growth mindset and shift from a salesperson to an entrepeneur. 

Develop a Growth Mindset to Shift from a Salesperson to an Entrepreneur

An entrepreneur is solely responsible for their business’s rise or fall. They orchestrate how the systems and processes work. That includes lead generation, and administration. All while connecting with clients and prospects on a day-to-day basis. Time management and focus are critical for the entrepreneur. Those will help to determine which priority will move you closer to your goals. 

A salesperson may have to generate their own leads. But they only need to worry about hitting a target without the added components of running a firm. However, salespeople can get many benefits if they develop a growth mindset and think like an entrepreneur, even if they aren’t opening their own practice just yet. 

Develop a growth mindset by shifting your perspective. 

A growth mindset and perspective are everything. It affects your mood, how you approach new things, and your communication style.

Instead of thinking, “I have to do ___,” entrepreneurs that develop a growth mindset to switch their thinking to “I get to do____ in order to get the business closer to the goal, even if the task is mundane.” 

Growth comes with consistency, and entrepreneurs don’t always have a day full of exciting to-dos. Instead, they shift their thinking towards doing what needs to be done in order to do what’s best for the firm and their clients. They take on accountability with action and have the control to move quickly to bring new ideas to fruition. 

Do you want to take being a salesperson to the next level and dive into entrepreneurship?

Then you have to be ready to be all in. And do what needs to be done to develop a growth mindset from now on in your life. 

Commit to lifelong learning. 

It’s impossible to know everything about everything in your business and what you can offer your clients. That’s why entrepreneurs are committed to lifelong learning. That way they can stay in touch with the best methods and practices for their business growth. 

The most valuable asset you have is the education you can offer to your clients and community. It’s important to stay sharp, explore new ways of doing things, and be comfortable with failure. That’s where you learn the most!

Value communication. 

Communication with your clients is vital, which applies even if you’re a salesperson or an entrepreneur. But when making the jump to business owner and entrepreneur, all of your relationships are crucial to build and maintain. 

Mentors, colleagues, investors, employees, and other community relationships are crucial for personal and professional growth. When it comes to valuing communication, the essential part of that equation is listening. You need to understand others’ pain points. And be able to identify the gaps that can enhance their experience. 

By listening more than selling, you’ll gain valuable feedback that can inspire your next approach that will level up your business. 

When you develop a growth mindset, you automatically start to build and care for all of these professional relationships because that is naturally good for you and your business.

Connect with your community. 

Connecting with your community is the most organic way to approach business growth and develop a growth mindset. This doesn’t mean you’re in salesperson mode whenever you go to the local gym or grocery store. It simply means being present and focusing on relationship building. You should stay on top of what’s happening in the community. Including new businesses that are coming to town and major events that are affecting your clients and potential prospects.

When you’re connecting with your community, you want to position yourself as the expert in a particular niche (or even a few). This could be retirement planning, wealth building, portfolio diversity and more. Just like you’d expect an Apple employee to explain everything about the latest iPhone, you’ll want to apply your skill for lifelong learning to position yourself as the expert in your areas. 

Focus on improvement. 

You have to accept that your business will never be perfect. Your clients’ needs will constantly be evolving, new technology or processes may come to light, and the economy may shift drastically. Your ability to pivot and improve separates the average salesperson from an entrepreneur with a growth mindset. 

By investing in ongoing education, having an open mind, and exploring new ways of doing things, you’ll be consistently improving your skills and your clients’ experience. Don’t be afraid to be creative – business has no rules. You can do things differently, which might make all the difference. 

While all these skills and traits can help you shift from a salesperson mindset to an entrepreneur and develop a growth mindset, a few more things can help you be a better business owner. By developing a business plan highlighting your values, vision, mission and purpose, you’ll have clarity on where your business is going. This can help you when you have to make tough decisions, create plans, and hire employees. 

But if you’re transitioning to being a busy entrepreneur, how can you find the time to make a business plan? The good news is that this doesn’t have to be a thick binder filled with pages of details. Your business can evolve, so you want something that you can use to make those pivots when you need to. Contact us to get help with your One Page Business Plan that will allow you to take action where it matters.