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Half Hour Ahead Or Behind?

This four and half hour time change and jet lag may drive me to Screech as I missed my first coaching call of the day on Thursday, May 21st because of a self imposed time fog. The rest of my coaching calls for the day went well and we had two more new clients come in … all adding to our goal to sell out in June for the summer months when I will be off the road from financial advisor speaking.

Common sense is a forgotten gift and I am mystified why a front desk clerk would book us into a room for four nights when we are surrounded by rooms that are all under construction.  The hotel manager was mystified as the rooms in that wing had all been closed because of the construction so we are being credited for our first night stay and we were moved and upgraded at the same time.

Wednesday, May 20th  was a great day travelling from a 3am PT wakeup In Parksville, BC to lights out after the finale of American Idol in St. John’s at 12pm NT … Adam was too much of a screamer.

Twelve hours of travel time and three flights via Nanaimo-Vancouver-Halifax-St. John’s allowed me to complete the following;

Laura I finished the day with a fantastic lobster dinner at Oliver’s.

I have an easy day on Friday … funny, I’m just observing that I am writing that Friday is an easy day because all I have to do is deliver Clear Your Roadblocks to 120 financial advisors at the Advocis Newfoundland & Labrador Chapter 56th Annual Sales Congress … there was a day when this would not have been easy … at the same time I will not take this for granted and I will be investing time to review my PowerPoint of my financial advisor speaking presentation so that I am 101% on.

Laura and I are staying over in St. John’s until Sunday and we are taking a guided tour of St. John’s on Saturday. I love this place with the charm of the friendly people along with the architecture and the natural beauty.

Perhaps it resonates as the Irish settled here over 400 years ago and this was our first port of call when I immigrated with my parents from the UK in 1957.