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Go Wide Or Deep?

In a way, I feel like exclaiming Al Pachino’s comment from his last Godfather move; “no matter how hard I try, they keep “trying” to pull me back in”.

I am experiencing well meaning non-niche good ideas that seem to want to pull me away from coaching in the financial advisor niche.

The offers include;

  • Feature Articles in local newspapers
  • Speaking at Chamber Of Commerce meetings – it would be so easy as I have many clients that are Past Presidents of The Chamber Of Commerce
  • Speaking at networking dinners

At this time, we have to decline all of these opportunities because we are approaching the summit of the financial advisor coaching niche.

The summit of the financial advisor coaching niche includes completing the following;

National Sponsorship
Group Live & Group Telecoaching Workshops

These opportunities are coming our way because we dedicated ourselves to a niche and built a niche specific marketing foundation that includes;

Speaking Coast To Coast In Our Niche
Publishing Articles In Niche Publications
Writing Niche Related Books & E-Books
Writing A Niche Specific Blog & E-Newsletter
Creating A Niche Specific Website
Creating A Niche Specific One On One Telecoaching Program
Branding The Solution
Solving A Problem Within The Niche
Choosing A Niche

One of the reasons that we must stay focused is because we are not scalable in that the workshop is not finished and our main income stream for now is One On One Telecoaching and Financial Advisor Speaking and there is only so much of me to go around. The workshops, preferably sponsored by a national firm are the solution as I am not willing to invest in training other coaches at this time.

Given that financial advisor speaking will wrap up for the summer in the next thirty days and that I will be speaking in front of one thousand financial advisors in the next month, we will be oversold so the idea of spending anytime outside of our niche doesn’t make any sense at all.

My goal for the summer is write Group Live & Group Telecoaching Workshops.

It would be a mistake at this time to get distracted by well meaning non-niche good ideas that would pull me away from coaching in the financial advisor niche.

We would just recreate a need to re-create the following to do a proper job for an Entrepreneurial Demographic which includes;

Group Live & Group Telecoaching Workshops Serving Multiple Demographics And Niches
Speaking Coast To Coast In Multiple Demographics And Niches
Publishing Articles In Multiple Demographic And Niche Publications
Writing Multiple Demographic And Niche Books & E-Books
Writing A Multiple Demographic And Niche Blog & E-Newsletter
Creating A One On One Multiple Demographic And Niche Telecoaching Program
Branding The Solutions
Trying To Solve The Problems Of Multiple Demographics And Niches
Working Without A Demographic And Niche

A friend of mine expressed his frustration about attending a Group Live & Group Telecoaching Workshop Serving Multiple Demographics And Niches because he had a team of thirty and the rest of the attendees didn’t have an assistant.

Having said all of this, we would be right back to where I was nearly twenty years in the Anthony Robbins Franchise doing the things that contributed to killing the business; having to fill our own seminars and workshops trying to serve what one friend calls Geeks and Inmates.

For now, I would rather work with a niche and be sponsored by national companies

As Andrea Lee, said to me about five years ago, “go deep and then go wide” meaning go deep into a niche and build a strong reputation and then it will be easier to attract clients from multiple demographics and niches.

As a final reminder, I ran thirty spots on Global TV about six years ago and while we attracted 800 E-Newsletter Subscribers to Simon’s Success Strategies we received one financial advisor client because I was too general and not specific enough. 

This is an interesting two weeks as Monday May 18th was Victoria Day, Tuesday May 19th was a coaching day, Wednesday, May 20th was a travel day from Nanaimo, BC to St. John’s NL, and today Thursday May 21st is a partial coaching day and at the same time I’m acclimatizing to a four and half hour time zone change to speak on Friday May 22nd at the Advocis Newfoundland & Labrador Chapter 56th Annual Sales Congress.

Laura and I will spend Saturday May 23rd in St. John’s and have lobster for breakfast, lunch and dinner and fly to Toronto on Sunday, May 24th. 

Monday May 25th is a coaching day, we will be exhibiting and speaking at  The Independent Financial Brokers Summit in Toronto Tuesday May 26th and Wednesday May 27th, we fly home on Thursday, May 28th and Friday May 29th is a Free Day.