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My step-by-step system for defeating overwhelm [Video + PDF]


It’s that feeling you have a seemingly infinite number of things to do, and you can’t even fathom getting to the bottom of the list and being done.

If you tried to list all of the tasks you have bouncing around in your brain, you probably wouldn’t be able to do it. There’re just too many… like a tidal wave threatening to crash down on you any moment.

But the truth is, only a tiny handful of those tasks are actually important. If you had an effective system for prioritizing them, you’d have no problem taking care of the 1 or 2 things that really make a huge impact on your business.

I’m going to give you that today.

First, watch this short video to understand why your brain falls victim to overwhelm.

Then download this PDF to get my step-by-step process for defeating overwhelm and staying focused on what matters.

P.S. If you want to start working with me directly so I can coach you through your challenges and obstacles, the first step is to sign up for a FREE consultation & values assessment, which includes:

  1. 45-minute call with Laura Reilly to help you uncover your strengths and weaknesses in business.
  2. Complete Values & Behaviors Assessment that will help you understand WHY you do what you do. (90% of success is in the why, not the how or what.)
  3. 60-minute video call with me (Simon Reilly) where I’ll help you take what you learned in steps 1 & 2, and implement it in your financial advisory business.
Janea Dieno
Janea Dieno
Bright Rock Financial, Saskatoon SK
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"After I get off of the phone call with Simon, I feel like I have my superwoman cape on, and I can do anything. It is very hard when you are an independent advisor, to find a mentor or a coach to help guide you through certain steps of your growth. Someone who can genuinely get to know you and your business, while helping you to not get caught up in your own head. To be in your corner to help you through the everyday challenges of the industry. Simon has been this coach for me. When I started with Simon, I was worried about where my business was going to go and taking it to the next level, I wasn’t necessarily thinking about shaping and coaching the team. Now, not only has Simon empowered me to have my superwoman cape on for my business but I can also go back and use the tools I learned to coach my team and to create more cohesiveness with them. Thank you, Simon, for being in my corner and guiding me to take my business to places I would not have done on my own."
Perry Green
Perry Green
Waddell And Associates, LLC, Memphis TN
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" The best part about my work with Simon is that the assignments and practices he holds me accountable to do, as well as the one on one coaching call recordings that are given to me after the calls, stay with me day in and day out. Each time I review them I receive another nugget to apply to my current progress. With these resources on my desk, I can review them every so often and quickly understand where I need to adjust to continue to my next level of success. Although all the new skills I am learning will take time to make into a habit, the resources and coaching helps make perfect practice. Having a coach in my corner that has helped me apply the knowledge I already have of things I should be doing, but was not consistently, will help to yield some pretty big results."