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A Moving Target


Thursday and Friday morning are providing me with the opportunity to get back to writing my book.

Getting back to writing the book after my last book writing “Time Blocks” on October 20th and November 11th is like as Laura said, “it’s like trying to write a term paper in university after leaving it for a long time … it is like starting all over again” .

It is also like trying to hit a moving target because the book is modeled after my power point presentation that I did for Advocis South Saskatchewan in May of 2007.

Since that time I have upgraded the power point presentation and also delivered it 18 times in 50 minute, 75 minute and 180 minute versions so having said this, I have added, improved and taken away from the presentation.

Working on the book using the May 2007 version of the power point makes it a lot tougher as it is like going back in time on 18 different trips … very hard to focus.

At the same time, I have cut the 50 minute version from 110 slides down to 48 slides. The benefit of this was confirmed by a member of the audience at Pro-Seminars on Monday, November 26th. The member of the audience said; “You know, I have seen your presentation now three times and I am finally starting to get it” .

Whew! Hard to believe that as I write this it is 4:45pm on Thursday, November 29th and it seems like ages ago that I did the presentations for Pro-Seminars and The Independent Financial Brokers Summit on Monday, November 26th.

Reducing the power point slides down from 110 – 48 slides comes with the realization that adding a ton of material into my power point presentation was driven by my lingering unmet need of approval and worthiness and wanting to be accepted into the financial advisor profession.

I suppose that my lingering unmet need of security was also a driver because I walked away from all forms of marketing to the entrepreneurial market two years ago and focused entirely on financial advisors

… an example was being on Global TV.

You might say, wait a minute, aren’t you the coach that specializes in helping clients Remove Their Roadblocks To Success by meeting their Unmet Needs.

Yes I am.

Here is the book cover …

Unmet Needs are the source of failure, procrastination, self sabotage and a whole lot more. I am not experiencing these symptoms however, I am testing myself even now as I write this and I am pushing the envelope every day as I coach, speak and write.

The key is to learn how to use the pearls that are created from the irritation caused by the unmet needs based grain of sand in the oyster.

On the positive side, the lingering unmet needs have driven me to take massive action to create a coaching, speaking and writing audience and identity in the financial services profession. Evidence includes these Speaking Testimonials from 68 speaking presentations in two years and a Published Article In Advocis FORUM Magazine.

Friday morning will be invested in writing the book as I am now back in the groove and given that I am not speaking in December, I am going to make every effort to work on the book at least 1 hour every 48 hours so that I don’t get out of sync.

I may as well start tracking my book writing progress right now;

Book Writing Progress

• Thursday, November 29, 2007 – book writing – 9am – 12noon = 3 hours
• Re-associated myself to index of articles, power point text and power points