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Zippier Public Speaking Titles

In follow up to the Toronto Coaching Study Group – We have been taking action over the past few days to follow through on the outcomes that we identified;

* Clarification that Niche Is Knowing Whom NOT To Market To
* Zippier Public Speaking Titles
* A System to Introduce Public Speaking Gigs to Strategic Alliance Partners to Launch Regional to National Public Speaking Gigs
* Content To Model and Develop Workshops to Introduce our November 15th, 2005 “Get Your Year In Gear Program” and January 15th, 2006 Year Long “Advisor Business School Program”

To this end, here are some of the new Zippier Public Speaking Titles that we are going to create presentations for;

* 31 Smart Strategies That Make A Winning Advisor – Start “Being” an Advisor versus “Doing” Sales
* 5 Powerful Steps Of Top Producers Revealed – Get Your Practice In Gear
* 2 Secrets That Winning Advisors Know That Make Them The Top 20% Of The Top 20% – What are the Values & Behaviors of Today’s Leading Advisor?
* The Right Person, The Right Fit Every Time – Attract, Hire & Lead Winning Advisors & Marketing Assistants
* The 8 Essential Steps To Attract A Winning Successor And Eliminate Long Term Disaster
* 21 Actions To Add ?¢‚’Wow’ Customer Service To Your Practice Now!
* The 10 Secrets That Make An Advisor A Magnet For High Net Worth Clients
* $0 – $100,000 In 6 Months – 5 Keys To Take You To The Top
* Dead Last To The Top 3 In 90 Days – 10 Action Steps That Will Eliminate Your Sales Slump Now!
* The Top Ten Secrets That The Top Advisors Don’t Want You To Know