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Your Flight Is Delayed, It’s Snowing In Calgary

I arrived at 6pm PDT on Wednesday, May 23rd at the WestJet Comox, BC check-in to hear that my 7pm flight to Saskatoon, SK via Calgary, AB is delayed because there is 5 cm of snow in Calgary.

This will make my arrival into Saskatoon @ 11:30pm CST, arriving at my hotel at about 12:15pm. My 6am wake up will come early.

This trip started with a 5pm chauffeured car ride to Comox, BC.

Along the way, I worked on re-focusing on my project work and brushed up tomorrow’s PowerPoint Presentation on Removing Your Roadblocks for Advocis Central Saskatchewan.

The other projects that I am working on in priority are:

• MP3 PowerPoint transcription edit
• Merchant account upgrading
• Automatic public speaking follow up system
• Identify the speakers that we want to see at next week’s Toronto Independent Financial Brokers Summit
• My packing plan for next’s week trip to Toronto, ON and onto England the following week
• The presentation title and outline for Pro-Seminar’s Las Vegas Conference in September
• Fall speaking marketing
• Upgrading our risk free coaching offer
• Membership site research

So that is about it as it’s now 6:40pm and I am going to shut it all down and continue to read The Holy Man by Susan Trott.