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Your Flight Is Cancelled – A True Opportunity


It is 9:30am PDT on Thursday, January 18, 2007 and I’m sitting in the restaurant after having breakfast at the Best Western, Abercorn Inn in Richmond, BC where I had planned to speak to the Pro-Seminars Richmond Audience at 9am this morning.  Unfortunately, Sea Air Float Planes cancelled my 8am flight to Richmond due to bad weather and in spite of this; I made it here 10 minutes too late for my 9am presentation. 

So there I was, calmly driving to Departure Bay just north of Nanaimo to catch my 8am Sea Air Flight to Richmond, BC.  As I drove, I repeated my affirmation and intention for the day and felt very grounded, centered and confident for the day ahead. 

I arrived at Sea Air at 7:25am, in plenty of time to hear “the flight is cancelled due to snow and wind”.  The attendant was good enough to phone Baxter Air and Harbour Air in Nanaimo to see if they were flying and if they could get me a seat.  “There is a flight but it is boarding now” I heard as I was running out the door for a 10 – 15 minute drive to Downtown Nanaimo and the Sea Plane Terminal. 

I made Downtown Nanaimo and the Sea Plane Terminal in record time only making two u-turns, one over the median to get there, shamelessly admitting that an SUV can come in handy. I ran into Baxter air.  "There is no seat".  I ran to Harbour Air.  “We have a seat but it is subject to the weather and we may not fly”.   

It’s now 8am and I call Laura to let Alex Nicholson of Pro-Seminars know that I may not make it so that he can make arrangements for another speaker. 

It’s 8:15am and they announce that the flight will fly. 

We land at 8:45am. 

Due to the weather, there are no taxis. 

At 8:55am, a Good Samaritan that I was on the flight with offers to drive me to the Best Western, Abercorn Inn from the Sea Plane Terminal. It’s slippery and it takes a while to get to the hotel … I make it. Alex says “relax, we moved you to 11am, we could not wait". 

A true opportunity to stay in a positive state of mind praying for and intending that I will arrive and provide an excellent presentation.