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You Have Lost It & I’m So Blessed To Have You In My Life!

A day of contrasting client Values. 🙂

Value – A

“You have lost it! What the hell are you putting U2 on your website. What does that mean?”

Value – B

“I’m so blessed to have you in my life! It’s so great to have such an insightful and intelligent, gifted coach to help drive me and my business in the right direction. It’s always a pleasure having a phone meeting with you. Please find attached business plan, marketing plan and marketing letters for review.”

Thanks again,

Glennis Deslippe BSN
Living Benefits Specialist
Integral Financial Services Inc.
Ph. direct 604-538-8971
Fax. direct 604-538-8972
Email glennis@integral-financial.com
For more information about Integral Financial Services
visit our website www.integral-financial.com