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You Get What You Ask For


Apart from the Winnipeg, MB Pro-Seminars audience being very dry, I feel that my Removing Your Roadblocks presentation was successful for the following reasons.

The irony is Laura spoke today with the Advocis Winnipeg Program Chair about a future Advocis Winnipeg event. My experience is that in most cases, association audiences are more engaged.

• Value was added to the audience even thought there was little sign of breathing. While the audience in Kitchener, ON was warm and inviting there was very little expression in return from the Winnipeg audience. A member of the audience came up to me at the end and said I’m not young and I can’t believe how dead this group is.
• Recorded the presentation for type setting to enable me to use the new material for my book
• Received a speaking referral to RBC from one of the few bright lights in the crowd
• Verbalized my presentation
• No attachment to the outcome
• Happy with the outcome

It’s 2:45pm CST and I’m at the WestJet airport gate waiting for my 3:30pm flight home.

Given that my September e-newsletter was late, I am going to start writing October’s e-newsletter now. Next week is a coaching call off week and I want to invest my time next week to do everything I can do get the book ready for the editor by October 15th.

That aside I will be very busy after October 18th with 3 speaking presentations in Toronto and 1 speaking presentation in Thunder, Bay.