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You Didn’t Have “The Conversation”

Please note – I’m off to Vancouver Island for the long weekend and I will be back on Monday. Happy Canada Day!

While in the process of the Conflict Resolution Session that I facilitated yesterday, I was reminded of the story of – You Didn’t Have “The Conversation”.

You Didn’t Have “The Conversation” relates to the business person that shares with their colleague – “just right out of the blue, my spouse just left me without warning”.

This could have been prevented if they had “The Conversation”.

“The Conversation” would have gone something like this –

The business person shares with their spouse from time to time over the course of a 25 year period a Vision.

That they are a team and that the business person is working for the greater good of both of them and their family.

That for the early to mid years of the business persons working life, the business person would be burning the midnight oil working the extra hours to lay the financial foundation for their family, their home, their investments, children’s education, travel, resort home and retirement. As the business person enters into more of the fruitful years of the business, there will be more time for the two of them to enjoy the fruits of the labor. That again, the business person is doing this for the both of them so that there can come a day, that they can enjoy each other on a full time basis traveling, visiting friends and enjoying leisure activities together.

What happens is “The Conversation” doesn’t happen and the spouse that isn’t working isn’t included or communicated to and just as the business person is nearing “their” dream, the spouse that is not communicated to retaliates for a lack of inclusion and leaves.