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You Can’t Handle The Truth

You Can’t Handle The Truth

Who has power and control over you –

Is it you or is it your ego?

Is the power and control so dominant that you are locked into a business and life where you are afraid to change?

When an opportunity to make a significant change that will yield benefits for you, your family and your clients, do you often reply:

– I will have to talk it over with my wife or husband
– I will do it at the end of the year
– I will do it at the beginning of the year
– I will do it after RRSP season
– I will do it after the summer

The truth is –

You can’t handle the truth

You would rather allow your addicted ego mind to keep you locked into pain and suffering and continue to focus on what is wrong until you wither up and die.

Your ego doesn’t want to change because it has convinced you that it has a job to do – to keep you safe – from what?

From the ego’s insane beliefs that there is something wrong with you and that if you ever took a deep enough look all your fears would come true?

Or success, fulfillment, joy, happiness, peace, abundance and more?