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You Are The Vessel Through Which All Communication Flows

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My client was feeling bogged down with details and this was dampening their inspiration to attract more business to the point where the business was becoming drudgery.

Being attractive requires a change of mindset from “having to” to “wanting to”.

The drudgery left unchecked will have an effect on my client’s ability to attract business.

In the old days, one was trained to trap and then charm the client as insurance was deemed to be something that is sold and not bought.

Being attractive eliminates the need to trap clients and keeps one in a state of charm if you will. Being attractive requires a change of mindset from “needing or having to” to “valuing or wanting to”.

While details are essential to the life blood of the value that is being supplied to their client and their business, my client is finding that they were getting bogged down as the go-between for their client and the product supplier asking and answering questions and completing documents going back and forth.

Here is my recommendation about the evaluation of the current work load to improve communication and delegate with the potential of creating a new position to facilitate both marketing and sales activities;

• Without thinking of a person, create the perfect job description for the person that would oversee the business once it is created. Please include marketing activities at the same time.
• Request the existing members of the team to review their job descriptions and add to / edit their job descriptions to bring them up to date. Give them two weeks to review the job descriptions. The revised job descriptions to can be used as the foundation for the Quarterly Review at a later date.
• Evaluate all of the job descriptions to consider if the job descriptions are ¾ time, full time or more than full time jobs. What jobs can be added to or taken away from each job description? Please note that it essential to use Values & Behaviors Assessments so that you are matching the job descriptions to the most appropriate Values & Behaviors.

This will get you started to think outside of the box in respect to creating more time and energy for yourself and to enable you to invest your time in what you are best suited to.

Yes, this may require an additional investment in your business.

• How much time will you be able to create from this exercise? How will this make you feel?

• How will your customer service improve? How will this make you feel?

• How much income will you be able to create? How will this make you feel?

You are the vessel through which all communication flows. When the vessel is bogged down with answering questions and completing documents that are unsuited to your values and behaviors, attraction to client opportunities and referrals slows down or dries right up.