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You are giving away too much!

Happy Wedding Anniversary – Laura!

I received a call following the publication of the May 1st E-Newsletter exclaiming;

* You are giving away too much!
* It is too much information!
* What are you supposed to do with it?
* You are giving away a whole curriculum
* What is the purpose?
* You should be charging a fee for this!
* What is the bottom line!

Here are my thoughts –

Clients will buy from you when they respect you, know you, like you, get value from you and when they are ready.

My theory on the E-Newsletter is;

* Give clients & prospective clients 10 times more than they expect.
* Give clients & prospective clients 10 times more than they expect for free.
* The information is provided for free. One of the requests that I make of clients & prospective clients is that they be “web enabled”. This means that one can either print the E-Newsletter off or they can save it to their desktop for future reading and reference or they can cut and paste to their word processor and print or save it.
* To make it easier to navigate, we may start to produce the Articles in the E-Newsletter in downloadable PDFs so that they can be printed or stored for reference with ease. NOT! The info is free. I can lead the horse to water and I will NOT make it drink. One has to take their own initiative.
* The information can be printed and stored in a binder to make notes on and use for future reference.
* The bottom line is the E-Newsletter will always be free.
* The E-Newsletter Articles are a way to introduce Articles as we post them to the Resources Section of the Web Site.
* I will be introducing the following Fee Based Products for those that want them in the not too distant future;

* MP3 Audios – “Being” An Advisor
* E-Coaching – 34 Steps To “Being” An Advisor
* Teleclass – “Being” An Advisor
* Coaching – Get Your Practice In Gear
* Assessments and Debriefing – Values & Behaviors of Today’s Leading Advisor