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Yeah! Me and Lance! In the Tour de’ Sea Wall!

Invested the day in getting back in the groove after a long weekend and a June that went out with a roar.

And if you are Canadian, you will likely agree that a lot of us take advantage of both Canada Day on July 1st and Independence Day in the US on July 4th.

So yesterday was pretty quiet and the day was invested in the blog, client communication, a marketing strategy for Professional Speaking relating to Get Your September In Gear, the e-newsletter, e-marketing and planning.

We finished the day off with yet another cycle ride around the sea wall. I’ll have to get an odometer to measure the distance that we are covering. We are getting into outstanding shape with working out with Dayna and the cycles that are 4 x per week.

The sea wall was really crowded yesterday and many people are not aware that they are walking on the cycle path that is designated for cycling only.

So I ring the bell way in advance of coming up to the people and if they don’t appear to hear the bell I just go off road so to speak and pass them in the grass, the shoulder, whatever. And keep in mind that a lot of the time I am riding in top gear on a 21 speed bike. Yeah! Me and Lance! In the Tour de’ Sea Wall. So with Laura close behind me as I passed some pedestrians in the grass, Laura heard them exclaim “boy they take their cycling really seriously!” Remember there are no fat old men.