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Writing Block?

I think that I fooled myself a few weeks back into thinking that the initial writing for the Web Site was completed – NOT!

Over the past few days I’ve been “fine tune” writing the Web Site with changes to the Main, Solutions, Public Speaking & Media Pages.

And – it feels like I am on the last 100 ft. of Mt. Everest.

I’m literally a few hours away from having this wrapped up and it is tough to find the additional juice to complete this – Oh Yeah! What did the big guy with the teeth say? “If you can’t then you must!” Or was it – “Fake it till you make it!” Or was it – “Go until!” -.

Whew! I must be running out of words having to revert back to “Tonyisms”.

So having said all of this and as much as I enjoy writing -.

I was having trouble finding today’s words as they are all going into the Web Site completion.

And I can’t wait to just get back out there with people and what will be different this time around!!! A completed Web Site! Yippee!

The opportunity for the writer to by “human”! 🙂

And Hey! This journaling thing really works!