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Worst Economic Disasters

Thank you to Kim Black, Simon Parsons and Laura for taking there time and energy to fix two more computer challenges that we discovered today that included; Coaching Call Client Prep Form Auto Responder and Fax Software that converts our Faxes To E-Mail. I’ve updated the Tablet Software Re-Install List.

These last two challenges were as a result of upgrading our e-mail system to Microsoft Excahange and the Coaching Call Client Prep Form Auto Responder and Fax Software that converts our Faxes To E-Mail had to be reconfigured.

So it’s 8:30pm ET and I’m having a quiet evening in my London, ON hotel room in advance of Wednesday’s 8am Removing Your Roadblocks Presentation, then I have 3 telephone coaching calls in advance of a 4pm ET flight from London, ON home to Parksville via Vancouver, BC arriving home about midnight PT … ouch that’s 3am Eastern … I better get some sleep on the flight.

I ventured into an area that I seldom venture in this morning’s presentation that touches on product by listing the top ten worst stock market disasters of all time. Nine of the top ten stock market disasters happened prior to 1974 and only one happened in the last 35 years. I included some other recognizable disasters that have also happened in the last 35 years … all of them were touted as “being the end”. I asked the audience to reflect back to these so called “being the end” disasters and asked the members of the audience to take a look around … commenting that we are all still here!

Worst Economic Disasters

6th Worst Stock Market Crash – 1901 – 1903
3rd Worst Stock Market Crash – 1906 – 1907
9th Worst Stock Market Crash – 1916 – 1917
5th Worst Stock Market Crash – 1919 – 1921
4th Worst Stock Market Crash – 1929
Worst Stock Market Crash – 1930 – 1932
2nd Worst Stock Market Crash – 1937 – 1938
8th Worst Stock Market Crash – 1939 – 1942
7th Worst Stock Market Crash – 1973 – 1974
Bunker Hunt 1980
US Savings & Loan Crisis 1980
Interest Rates 21% 1981
Black Monday 1987
Barings Bank 1995
Bre-X 1997
Long Term Capital 1998
10th Worst Stock Market Crash – 2000 – 2002 ( 911 & Dot.Com Bust )
Sub-Prime Mortgages 2007

Tablet Software Re-Install List

• iP90 Printer Drivers
• Aircard
• Coaching Call Client Prep Form Auto Responder
• Fax Software that converts our Faxes To E-Mail
• Gateway Tablet Operating System
• Log Me In
• Norton Professional Anti Virus
• Olympus MP3
• Microsoft Exchange
• Microsoft Office
• Microsoft One Note
• Microsoft Outlook 2007
• Mind Genius
• Motorola Cell Phone Software
• Projector – Make sure the tablet PC will run with a projector.