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Workout Stiffness, Dr. Dolittle 2, J-Lo & Photos by Kathryn

A great weekend after an outstanding week.

Blogging has many definitions and can be about both business and personal topics.

Here’s a sample of personal bloggng of events over the weekend.


I’m finding that with wanting to invest Mondays and Tuesday into highly focused marketing and sales days and with using last Sunday to plan my week, my weekends are now starting at about noon on Fridays.

* * *

Laura and I went for lunch at Milestones’on Friday and then we had our 1pm workout with Dayna Bango. Click here for a link to Bango Body.

Dayna has been traveling for the last 10 days so the Friday workout was the first workout that we had done in a while. I am pleased to say that the cycling has really kept us in shape and we were toned and lean and ready for the workout and really tackled the workout full on.

🙂 Now that was during the workout – Saturday felt a little different.

* * *

While I was out on my errands, I stopped to watch the movie Dr. Dolittle 2 being shot. Rumor had it that Eddie Murphy was on set, but alas I didn’t see him. Click Here for a link to Dr Doolittle 2.

Our neighborhood (Yale Town) is considered to be part of Hollywood North. Click Here to a link to Yaletown. Vancouver has been the location of countless movies over the years. Recent movies that come to mind are The Fantastic 4 and X-Men. Click here for a link to the Hollywood North Report.

Over the years Laura and I have run into Michael Keaton, Jennifer Lopez, Alanis Morissette, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Christian Slater and there may be a few more.

Can you imagine being in the same grocery line up with Alanis Morissette?

This brings to mind a funny story that I told Kim Black while talking E-Marketing to her on my cell phone while watching the Dr. Dolittle movie shoot. Click here for a link to Kimberly Black.

I had seen a “movie star” profiled on the local news a few days before. While Laura and I were in the grocery store (Urban Fare) I noticed the coat the “movie star” was wearing from the storey on the local news. Click Here to a link to Urban Fare. And low and behold it was her and I was the only one that seemed to notice the “movie star” and her entourage. I kind of stood back to watched Laura to see if she had noticed the “movie star” as Laura was literally side by side with the “movie star” buying tomatoes.

Laura came back to where I was standing with the shopping cart and Laura said “My God, can you believe that woman. She must be wearing 5 carat earrings and she is shopping on a Saturday afternoon!” I said, take another look. Laura turned back to me with eyes as big saucers and said “That’s not really her, is it?” I said yes, that’s Jennifer Lopez, buying tomatoes, same as everybody else.

By that time, everyone in the store knew it was J-Lo (that’s what I call her now that we are tomato shopping buddies); she handed her groceries to an assistant and exited the store.

* * *

We finished Friday off with personal errands, dinner at home, a video and then early to bed.


I woke up early on Saturday morning and went for a walk. And as I usually do, felt pain for the environment as I observed all the garbage (cigarette buts & packages, hamburger rappers and pizza boxes) that is left behind by the visitors to our neighborhood.

Then I noted a couple of things in contrast.

One was the pristine shape that the movie people left the neighborhood in after they were finished shooting. There had to be 150 people and many truck loads of equipment and not a single piece of litter was left behind.

The next observation was that of a man collecting salvageable items from a dumpster. Our neighborhood is no different that most – there are those that are less fortunate.

What was interesting was the man pulled up to the dumpster with his shopping cart full of salvage items. There was debris all over the ground from a previous visitor to the dumpster. The man preceded to pickup the debris and throw it back into the dumpster. Yes the people collecting salvageable items do their part for the environment.

What contrast. The visitors with the cigarette buts & packages, hamburger rappers and pizza boxes, the movie people and the man collecting salvageable items.

It reminded me of doing a better job of looking after the environment.

* * *

I then went to Starbucks for my Chai Tea and to journal where two thoughts came to mind;

– What can I do to multiply sales?
– What can be done to clarify the route to product sales on the web site?

* * *

At around 9am, Laura and I took Chase (Laura’s Collie/Boarder Collie) for a walk and a run.

We then puttered around doing odds and ends.

* * *

Next we had a 1pm appointment to update the photographs for the web site at Photos by Kathryn.

The photos that are on the web site were done on a grey day last October and it is time that they were updated as we want to brighten and update the look.

I wasn’t at Kathryn Langford’s Studio 3 minutes before I got the difference between Business Photos and Business Portraits.

Kathryn conveys that you are dealing with a “real” professional photographer as she mixes her clarity, decisiveness and creativity along with a natural talent to bring out your best and catch you in “the moment”. I haven’t seen the results and I just sense the creative quality that will come through Kathryn’s experience and talent.

Here is the link to Kathryn’s site so that you can see what I mean; Photos By Kathryn.

* * *

So just as the photos were completed the stiffness started to set in from the heavy workout that we did on Friday. We are looking forward to our Sunday morning cycle to work the stiffness out. And we were just too tired on Saturday to think of cycling that day.

* * *

We finished the day with a movie and dinner. Batman Begins which was OK and the pasta special at Incendio West Pizzeria was excellent. Yes we broke our diet and had carbs 🙂 .


It looks like summer may have finally arrived in Vancouver. Two sunny days in a row. Who knows, I might have to turn the A/C on. For those of you in England who have been experiencing a 30 + degree heat wave, your cloud cover and rain has drifted over to Vancouver and we have had cloud cover and rain now for about 6 weeks. I just checked the forecast and we are in for 5 days of sunny 24 degree weather.

Again at around 9am, Laura and I took Chase (Laura’s Collie/Boarder Collie) for a walk and a run.

* * *

Next we went on to do the Tour de Sea Wall Cycling before the sea wall got too busy with tourists walking aimlessly and usually the wrong way in the middle of the sea wall bike path. Click here for a Map & Pictures of The Stanley Park Sea Wall.

* * *

There seems to be some Press happening about Blogging in the local media so I decided to write a Press Release about my blog.

* * *

So now that the weather is hopefully here to stay, I am finding it tough to go into the office today. So it is either Sunday Afternoon or Sunday Evening in the office. So how to do that? I feel like writing The Top Ten Ways To Inspire Yourself To Go Into The Office In The Evening.

* * *

Seems like Tony Robbins is making waves in the Media with his lawsuit against CanWest Global Communications Corp & The Vancouver Sun. Click here for CanWest’s Sun trial hears of phone record gap.

* * *

So we did the Tour de Sea Wall on Sunday and ran right into S.U.C.C.E.S.S. – really! You know how I just love tourists walking aimlessly and usually the wrong way in the middle of the sea wall bike path. Well this Sunday we had hundreds and hundreds of people walking the wrong way in the middle of the sea wall bike path in this year’s 20th Annual S.U.C.C.E.S.S. Walk With The Dragon. Click here for S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

* * *

Laura and I finished our ride, showered and then had brunch – again, we are staying with the food combining so it is eggs.

* * *

Laura had some errands to do and I crawled into my cave to get ready for the week. We agreed to connect later in the day.

* * *

So hear we go for the week.

Now it is time to go and I start with a Clean Up and Review of Last Weeks; Projects, Action Lists For The Week, Communication Notes, Documents, E-mails, Files and Ideas.

* * *

As I get ready for next week I celebrate that this is the 3rd Coaching Week of the month which means next week is an off week which means I am free to work on some or all of the following;

– Achieving our sales goal
– Computer upgrades
– End of the month review
– Extra coaching calls where required
– Invoicing
– Marketing actions to include;
– Meetings to book speaking gigs
– Office clean up
– Professional speaking presentations
– Writing articles, e-newsletters and web site changes
– Workshops

And make it a 4 day week creating a long weekend at the same time.

* * *

I earlier talked about writing The Top Ten Ways To Inspire Yourself To Go Into The Office In The Evening and I’m still thinking about this so that the priorities on the above list gets done so that I can take a longer weekend.

I’ve changed the title to; The Top Three Ways To Inspire Yourself To Go Into The Office In The Evening So That You Can Take A Week Off

The Top Three Ways To Inspire Yourself To Go Into The Office In The Evening So That You Can Take A Week Off

1. Think of a series of small rewards and a large reward that you will give yourself on your week off as a result of working evenings to create the week off.

2. Imagine where you will get to go and imagine all of the activities that you will get to experience on your week off.

3. Write down all of the feelings that you will experience as a result of experiencing all of the rewards, destinations and activities that you will experience on your week off.

* * *

With the Clean Up completed, here are the priorities for the week;

– Review Client Files from last week and prepare for this weeks calls
– Prepare for Meeting with Laura
– Blog
– Send “Get Your September In Gear” Professional Speaking Fax and Fax Data Base for Fax Broadcasting
– Write July 15th E-Newsletter
– Clarify Speaking & Coaching Contacts for the week
– Follow up on Correspondence

* * *

And there you have it. The weekend, Blog by Blog – well almost –

And Laura and Simon lived happily ever after.