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Winnipeg Is Freezing!


So there I was basking in the warmth of spring in London, ON in 13C with partly sunny skies heading to the airport to catch my 2pm EDT flight to Winnipeg, MB for Wednesday’s 8am Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentation for Pro-Seminars.

I had an excellent WestJet flight, I’ll say it again, West Jet flight sitting beside an executive from WestJet learning all about how great WestJet is.

Then behold, there were my bags coming off the baggage carousel because I flew with WestJet and NOT Air Canada :-).

Then bang … as I’m there in my spring coat walking outside to catch a taxi and there aren’t any taxis and I am waiting for over 10 minutes in -10C with a 50 km wind.

Ouch! My ears are still freezing.

As soon as I dropped my bags in the hotel room I went for a hot cup of tea to go and went back to my room to have my tea with Laura’s mom’s home baked cookies – ah the comforts of home.