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Will It Happen Or Might It Happen?


I was thinking of creating a new PowerPoint to associate Financial Advisors to the fact that many of them are not taking the necessary action to build their business legacy.

My evidence is;

– 33% of Financial Advisors have no Vision or Business Plan
– 23% of Financial Advisors aged over 63 years have no Succession Plan
– 49.1% of Financial Advisors are not very satisfied
– 40% of Financial Advisors are unsatisfied

I flashed back to something Chris Barrow said in one of his coaching programs that relates to the way that people take action. I modified it to apply to Financial Advisors

– 10% of Financial Advisors will make something happen
– 20% of Financial Advisors will have something happen
– 70% of Financial Advisors will not know anything happened to them

I was searching the internet to find a graphic to go along with “something happen” and I found this children’s book along with an overview which isn’t all that far off what is going on with a lot of Financial Advisors when it comes to taking action to build their business.

Something Might Happen
by: Helen Lester; Lynn M. Munsinger (Illustrated by)

Twitchly Fidget won’t shampoo, eat his cereal, or put on his sneakers. He won’t even go to a parade (what if he got sucked up into a trombone?) or a marshmallow roast (might he get stuck?) or a Fourth of February party (would he be buried in confetti?). In Twitchly’s imagination, each opportunity poses the threat of disaster. So he just sits alone in his dreary, windowless, doorless hut and waits for his fears to be realized. Then one day something does happen: Twitchly’s Aunt Bridget Fidget drops in for a visit, and she can see right away that Twitchly needs a fixin. But will Aunt Bridget be able to persuade Twitchly to confront his fears?