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Wild wind storm hammers B.C. coast

The electricity has been out since about midnight, Friday, December 15, 2006 and I’m growing tired of this as I’m getting a stiff neck from holding the flashlight between my neck and shoulder as I type.

Routine is very important to me and being out of electricity four out of five mornings knocks me off my game as everything’s a lot longer to get going and I miss that extra time – I suppose I could get up earlier.

I heard a Golden Globe Winner exclaim – I was crouching down on my bathroom floor because that is the only place that I can get cell reception – after answering the question “How did you find out?”

The same thing happens here as I can get cell / air card sporadic 1 bar reception if I stand in the corner of my office right against the wall and I am going to give getting my e-mail and publishing this Blog a shot as soon as I write this. I just checked! We have 1 bar!

Last nights storm, the worst of three this week is supposed to be the last one until after the holidays.

May we have a safe Ferry trip on Saturday as we are going to visit my mother Irene on the mainland.

1 bar air card reception is something like the speed of dial up – it took some patience to grab this headline.

Wild wind storm hammers B.C. coast


All Surrey SkyTrain stations are closed due to a power outage, and the Columbia Station in New Westminster is also closed, throwing the morning commute into further chaos. SkyTrain could not say when they would be up and running again, and urged people to use buses instead.

Thousands of people will awake without power this morning in Southern BC thanks to a major windstorm.