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Why Clients Pay Me The Big Bucks

It’s 6:25am on Tuesday, July 3rd and I’ve just gone through seven client files in preparation for today’s appointments.

Today is a coaching day that we opened up to enable us to add seven new clients without stressing our regular coaching days.

One of the calls is with a prospective client which I believe will become a client.

5 of the calls are either the 1st or 2nd call with new clients. Laura sends out e-mails on the Friday before to remind clients about their calls and to request that they send in their written assignments in advance of the call. Forgive my new clients for they are new and I am sending out an e-mail to three of them on Monday morning to request that they send in their assignments.

One of the calls is with an ongoing client that had to reschedule from last week to today … the client was 40 minutes late for the call and we did not complete the call. Given we are sold out, perhaps this is natures way of creating the space for a new client to come in.

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