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Why Assess a Candidate’s Values & Behaviors?

A. “Values” are WHY you approach your business and personal goals – therefore what Motivates your Behavior.
B. “Behaviors” are HOW you are currently taking action towards your business and personal goals.

Most people are not aware of the “Values” that are required to be a success in today’s business world. They may not fully understand the source of what Motivates them. Therefore they may have inconsistent “Behaviors” in taking action towards their personal and business goals. At the end of the day they may experience: conflict, inconsistency, lack of motivation, poor communication, problems with management, and even worse, unfulfilled business and personal lives.

Benefits of the Telephone Debriefing of the Values and Behaviors

It is not unusual for candidates to adapt their Values & Behaviors to suit the position that they are applying for, only to have their employer find out six months later that the candidate has a completely different set of Values and Behaviors which in turn causes conflict in communication, management and motivation which affects ownership, clients and the team.

Through our years of business experience we have been able to benchmark and identify the specific Values and Behaviors that are required for a particular position or job and eliminate costly hiring mistakes as candidates can mask the following during the interview process;

• Control issues
• Indecisiveness
• Low self esteem
• Obsessive behavior
• Unresolved anger