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Why are most Financial Advisors having a difficult time implementing these very valuable aspects into their business?

It is all about Values & Vision!

The Foundation Of Your Business includes;

– Values
– Vision, Purpose, Mission
– Goals
– Business Plan
– Marketing Plan
– Brand
– Niche
– Product Specialization
– Client Specialization

A Truly Successful Business & Life are Doomed without Understanding –

– Values are the DNA of Vision.
– Vision is The Foundation of the Business Plan.
– The Business Plan is The Foundation of The Marketing Plan.
– The Marketing Plan is The Foundation for Unique Branding.
– Unique Branding is The Foundation for Niche Marketing.

The Financial Advisor Industry is awash with experts talking about attracting high net worth clients, branding, client specialization, marketing, niche and product specialization yet most Financial Advisors are having a difficult time implementing these very valuable aspects into their business.

2. Construct a powerful three year vision
3. Plan the time to plan strategies & systems
4. Control your finances
5. Attract, hire & lead championship advisors & support team
6. Refine your selling & marketing skills
7. Create a low-cost niche marketing engine
8. Deliver ‘wow’ customer service
9. Maintain balance between work, rest & play

Why are these results happening?

Recent survey results include;

Most Financial Advisors are Emotionally Retired
– 23% of Financial Advisors over 63 years of have no Succession Plan
– 33% of Financial Advisors have no Vision or Business Plan

There are not enough inspired and / or qualified advisors
– 12.4% of Financial Advisors are very satisfied
– 49.1% of Financial Advisors are not very satisfied
– 40% of Financial Advisors are unsatisfied

Most Financial Advisors are not making enough money;
– 1/3 of Financial Advisors make $50K – $100K
– 1/2 of Financial Advisors make $100K – $200K
– 1/5 of Financial Advisors make $250K +

Because the minute that You start to think about Your Values and Vision, without really thinking, You immediately start to think about the World and all The World’s problems.

What are You thinking about?

– Crime
– Disease
– Economy
– Electrical Shortages
– Climate Changes
– Homeless
– Hunger
– Oil Shortages
– Shampoo
– Terrorism
– War

Your Vision is the solution.

Vision – What YOU SEE as possible for others, the world.

Note the last word, the WORLD.

Both your business and personal life must be based upon a big Vision.

Your Vision must be about what you can do for the world. It is not about your needs.

That is the challenge. People are so consumed by their own needs and what might happen to them in the world that they fail to see the light of what they can bring to the world.

Why is it that people don’t take the time to create a Vision for both their business and personal lives?

Are their needs and how they may survive in the world and what is going on in the world blocking their vision of what they can do for the world?

What if when people start to consider their vision for their business and personal lives, they become distracted by what is going on in the world? In order to avoid thinking about what is going in the world, they just go back to work on the things that are easy, so that they can forget?

It is easy going back to work on the same old things that may not be getting you the results that you are looking for, creating a distraction from the world at the same time.

Perhaps this is why there is so much going on in the world because all people care about
are their own needs and the limiting vision that their needs create.