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Who Not To Marry

Today I’m taking a liberty to share something on the personal relationship side.

I read Harville Hendrix’s book Getting the Love You Want many years ago.

I was glancing through this weeks issue of Macleans Magazine and an article caught my eye.

Who Not To Marry

Here is an excerpt from the article and for the entire article click here; Who Not To Marry

It was great to know that when I met Laura, Laura had read many of the same books that I have read, Harville Hendrix’s book Getting the Love You Want being one of them.

Harville Hendrix, author of the book Getting the Love You Want (which last week hit No. 2 on Amazon’s bestseller list), and his wife, Helen LaKelly Hunt, have an unusual theory about why people are attracted to each other. “You fell in love because your old brain had your partner confused with your parents.” Hendrix’s parent theory and process of relationship problem-solving is known as Imago Relationship Therapy. Two weeks ago Oprah Winfrey called it “life-changing.” Brine says Oprah credits Imago with saving her relationship with her long-time partner, Stedman Graham. Alanis Morissette is so enthusiastic about the method she’s completed training as an Imago therapy educator. “I’m so grateful to Imago,” Morissette says in an Imago press release. “There’s a comfort in knowing that I’m not alone and that there are many other couples that are experiencing similar conflicts. It really allowed me to reframe what love meant.” Imago therapy is now practised in 21 countries, including Croatia, Bolivia and Namibia.