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Who are YOU?

The following was published in my April 1st E-Newsletter. I thought you might gain value from it in case you missed it.

Who are YOU? The YOU that I want to address are NOT;

– Your Body
– Your Mind
– Your Ego

When I say YOU, I am talking to your Super Conscious Self or your Soul Self. This is the Self that I want YOU to draw out and to champion.

It is when you are Clear and it is what;

– Guru’s call Higher Consciousness
– Biologists call Altered States
– Physiologists call Super-Sentience
– Christians call Answered Prayer

“Divine Revelation simply means adjusting your brain to hear what your heart already knows”. “Each of us knows all. We only need to open our minds to hear our own wisdom”. Dan Brown – The Da Vinci Code

It is not the Super Conscious Self or your Soul Self that is in FEAR.

It is the Dysfunctional part of your Ego that is in FEAR because of its unmet needs of worthiness, security, perfection, recognition, power and control.

These unmet needs are the source of all limiting beliefs and fear based emotions and you must invest the time to get your Ego’s unmet needs met and clear your Ego’s limiting beliefs and Ego’s fear based emotions once and for all.