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Where Eagles Dare & Sleepy Hollow

The weekend was real tough.

Can you imagine –

A weekend and for that matter the rest of my days living a location of –

I’m in bliss. The serenity of our new location is just starting to sink in.

The views of the ocean, huge trees and an eagle’s nest with a pair of bald eagles are breathtaking, all from my office window.

The silence is deafening. We are in Sleepy Hollow!

This week will be invested in building a 2 ?Ǭ? hour Power Point Presentation around an article that I wrote called; 13 Steps to Build and Lead a Championship Support Team. I’m delivering this presentation for the Certified Management Accountants Victoria, BC Chapter on Tuesday, February 14th.

I’ll keep you posted as I plan to enhance the article at the same time with some new material.

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