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Where Are You Coming From?

Where Are You Coming From came to mind as I worked with a team of Financial Advisors in a Goal Setting Workshop yesterday.

The leader of the team said that he was excited that he was in a business that he could choose and determine his destiny and set goals beyond wildest expectations. All that one requires is to be awake and choose the mental strength to focus and choose where you are coming from. If you choose where you are coming from, then you are choosing and making certain the direction that you want to go.

Examples of choosing Where Are You Coming From are;

– To be profitable
– There are all kinds of people that would like to give me referrals!
– I am going to meet with anyone and take half an hour with them and then qualify if there is a business opportunity versus prejudging the situation.
– Manage the relationships with people who have money versus manage the money of people.
– Who are the three qualified referrals that I can pass onto my team members this week?

This reminded me of Where “Have I” Been Come From and Where Am I Coming From In 2006?

From 1990 – 2004; I have been coming from the place of being a Coach
In 2005 that shifted to; Coaching, Writing & Speaking. Coaching was still my business and I took up Writing for the Web Site, E-Newsletter & Blog and Finally Speaking to introduce the Web Site.

In 2006 I am shifting to; Writing, Speaking & Coaching as I want to write the Book, Speak about it and Coach.