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What You May Need To Know About Millennials

In yesterday’s Blog, I mentioned building a 2 ?Ǭ? hour Power Point Presentation around an article that I wrote called; 13 Steps to Build and Lead a Championship Support Team.

This looked like a tough assignment.

I’m surprised at how easily it is coming together.

A side note. You may remember me writing about the Control “Telephone” Dramas on January 30th. And that I didn’t get hooked by the Control Drama of the first installer. And the next morning a real Pro showed up and fixed everything in twenty minutes. At 11am this morning, a knock came on the door and it was a Telephone Installation Person to fix the phone lines that had already been fixed a week ago. Funny how things go when “I let go”.

So onto the Presentation.

One of the key points that they want me to address is about how to create communication with the outgoing and incoming generations.

Of course I am going to approach them by helping them understand their individual Values.

At the same time, approach them from the place of “Seek First To Understand”.

The following is from an article in the January Issue of Fast Company Magazine called Scenes From The Culture Clash Values.

Managers will be challenged to minimize the friction and maximize the assets of four distinct sets of work values and styles simultaneously.

– From a US perspective, managers and their companies will have to deal with the 76 million children of baby boomers, born between 1978 and 2000.
– There are 80 million boomers retiring.
– There are 46 million Generation X.

Millennials will dominate the workforce for 70 years.

Four generations are being asked to coexist at once:

– Traditionalists (born before 1945)
– Boomers (born 1946-1964)
– Generation X (1965-1977)
– Millennials – (alternately known as gen-Y, echo boomers, Net gen, and even “generation why,” because they never stop questioning the status quo).

Managers will be challenged to minimize the friction and maximize the assets of four distinct sets of work values and styles simultaneously.

Here is what you may need to know about Millennials;

– Parents are/were involved in their upbringing
– Helped them to believe that they can do anything
– Evolution and their immersion in PCs, video games, e-mail, internet, cell phones – creates a attitude that they are not going to accept the traditional this is the way we have always done it
– Some believe that their brain development may have changed psychologically
– Busy work is infuriating
– First interest is not financial success
– Not the independence of Generation X
– Fearless and blunt
– Fearless – don’t have time to be intimidated
– If they know a better way, they will tell you regardless of title
– Impatience with what doesn’t lead to learning and advancement
– Just want to be heard
– Never stop questioning the status quo
– Not expecting work to relate to their career
– Permanently plugged in and juggling
– Their ideas need to be respected
– Want a chance to learn
– Want careers that are personalized
– Want a chance to be challenged
– Want educational opportunities in far off lands
– Want feedback daily, not annually
– Want flexible schedules
– Want philanthropic work
– Want to bend the rules
– Want to work in R & D
– Want work life balance
– Willing to move around and get experience and then find what will suit them