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What Is Your ROI On Personal Development?

Don’t you love it when you invest in personal development that creates an ROI in a matter of days?

Laura and I have been investing in our personal and professional for decades.

Since October of last year, we have been investing in online and live courses on Purpose and Transition with The Modern Elder Academy. In addition, we recently returned from MEA’s live course on The Magic Of Midlife that we attended at MEA’s Campus in El Pescadero, Baja, California, Mexico.

Why did we attend MEA’s courses?

We had no challenge going into Covid going from live speaking to virtual speaking as I’ve been doing virtual coaching for decades, so we did what we have always done; Write, Speak, Coach, which I am doing right now. For me, post-Covid is another story, and I will be writing about Transitioning Out Of Covid in a future blog.

Our extraordinary experience inspired me to write the Modern Elder Academy Testimonial at the end of this blog.

Laura and I were off the grid for a month in Mexico, the first three weeks in San Miguel de Allende and the final week at MEA Baja.

Thank goodness for Amie, our team member extraordinaire, who looked after our business while away, allowing me to stay off email.

Upon my return, this email subject line and copy caught my eye about speaking and sponsoring at the following conferences. Pro-Seminars Elder Planning Issues Conferences; Halifax Apr 18, Edmonton Apr 25, Winnipeg Apr 27 and Niagara Falls, June 4-6, 2023.

After spending a week with Modern Elder Academy Co-Founders Chip Conley, Christine Sperber, and Jeff Hamaoui, I feel like I’ve just gone through a Master’s and Ph.D. Course on Purpose and Transition in Midlife.

I’ve seized the day and committed to sponsor, speak, and offer the title; Forget Change and Embrace Transition In The New World Economic Disorder.

You can read further in this blog for my speaking presentation overview. How will this relate to Financial Advisors?

Financial Advisors are helping their clients Transition with significant technological shifts in the workplace, stock market shifts, or worries about the recession. So who will help Financial Advisors Transition?

One last thing. I think it was Stephen Covey that said this about the best way to read a book, and this segues beautifully because this will expand into speaking about Transition to thousands of Financial Advisors worldwide;

1. Read the book
2. Read the book again and highlight what you liked best
3. Summarize the highlights
4. Teach what you have learned

Pro-Seminars Elder Planning Issues Conferences

Halifax Apr 18, Edmonton Apr 25, Winnipeg Apr 27 and Niagara Falls, June 4-6, 2023.

It’s been said that “the best way to predict the future is to create it.” As global forces, like the rise of emerging economies and rapid digitization, change how we live and work, creating a future where everyone can thrive requires radical new ways of looking at the world.

“This kind of thinking is centered around humans. It works to deeply understand our needs and motivations, and then creates solutions that improve lives”

Attendees will hear about helping to design lives for elder clients and their families through planning focused sessions delivered by a variety of speakers from different disciplines. 

They will learn about the importance of planning, what’s included, stress testing it periodically and building solutions that support those plans. 

Attendees will also walk away with an appreciation of how different aspects of planning provided by different specialists can and need to work together to support the needs and goals of an aging society; in other words, planning by design.

Forget Change and Embrace Transition In The New World Economic Disorder 

Creating a future where everyone can thrive requires radical new ways of viewing the world. One thing guaranteed in this world is change, yet most of us and our clients struggle with change because change is unsustainable. Why?

As a financial services professional, you’re often the Gandalf of change in your client’s lives. Their financial goals and situations may have varied during their transitions. Whether they were affected by the big shift to technology in the workplace, stock market shifts, or are worried about the recession, you’re the guide and sounding board they need while they navigate their personal and career transitions. 

Change takes place in many forms – whether they’re combining assets when committing to a new relationship, welcoming a baby, taking the next step in their career, creating a succession plan, or retiring. However, consider the importance of the transition within yourself to stay aligned with your pursuit of purpose. Understanding the difference between the two is crucial so that your mindset can catch up with the world around you and you get fired up for new beginnings. 

The Difference Between Change vs. Transition

It’s not uncommon for you to hear people talk about change and transition like they mean the same thing. Transitioning your parents to a retirement home involves a deep inner process that may take both you and them longer to embrace than the actual physical change of their home and lifestyle that takes place. It can provide a change in your client’s financial outlook as well as the mental transition for them to get used to becoming the caretaker for their parents.

Change is a specific event that you can point to – the day you lost your job, the day your significant other moved in, the day your significant other left, when you started a new career or are planning for your succession. But focusing on the change differs from what will align you with your purpose going forward. You must go through the stages of transition and the psychological process to adapt to long-term change. Whether you’re going through this yourself or guiding your clients through it, this perspective is crucial for sustainable growth in the right direction.

Join Simon Reilly of Leading Advisor Inc. to understand;

  • The Six P’s Of Transition; Personal, Physical, Psychological, Pandemic, Professional, Purpose
  • The Three Stages Of Transition;
  1. Letting Go!
  2. The Awkward Middle
  3. New Beginnings And Excitement!

Understanding transition gives you the wisdom to clarify your purpose, and why, make course corrections, get things wrong, experience doubt, build experience, recognize wins, celebrate milestones, and manage your narrative towards a purposeful growth mindset.

Are you ready to move past the complications of change and embrace the journey of a transition? 

You don’t have to do it on your own. At Leading Advisor, we help you navigate through your awkward middle and streamline the process that allows you to make your way to new beginnings with strategy, support, and guidance. 

Modern Elder Academy Testimonial 

MEA’s Magic Of Midlife LIVE January 2023 Baja Workshop, compassionately created and facilitated by MEA Co-Founders Chip Conley, Christine Sperber, and Jeff Hamaoui, is far beyond comparison. Beyond comparison to anything we have experienced in 35 years of workshops, whether personal, professional, or spiritual development. Our fellow workshop “compadres” arrived seeking knowledge and a process to transition midlife to realize their calling. We completed the workshop with the tools to transition from seeking to seeing, from knowledge to knowing our calling. 

MEA’s campus accommodation, care, community, cuisine, hospitality, service, staff, and additional activities that included hiking, meditation, surfing, swimming, therapeutic massage, yoga, and more made perfection even better. 

The entire Magic Of Midlife experience created the spaciousness to refresh our identity through communion with like-minded souls that received the inspiration and realization to engage in the decades ahead to serve humanity best.

Laura & Simon Reilly

Leading Advisor Inc.

Modern Elder Academy