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What is a ViBE?

The one thing I like about being in Central Canada is I get to watch The Hour with George Stroumboulopoulos and last night one of George’s guests was the legendary race car driver Jackie Stewart who has just written a book called Winning Is Not Enough which includes a ViBE ( visual book enhancement ). Each copy of the book comes with a bonus ViBE DVD with over 50 minutes of rare and dramatic unseen footage which brings his story to life! See for yourself by clicking the link to sample a chapter from the DVD.

Afternoon & Evening Shift

Whew! This is quite a shift for me to be working from the Eastern Time Zone versus the Pacific Time Zone because of working from 7am – 5pm PT I’m working from 10am – 8pm ET and I’m really a morning person and love to seize the day and get on with it.

Coaching Call Follow Up

Here is a sample of a Coaching Call Follow Up with some great ideas on how to re-inspire your practice.

Hi ______,

Thank you for today’s coaching call.

This is one of the calls that would be great to listen to and here is the link; XXXX

I believe the key to what we are talking about is the difference between your last situation and the one that you are in now and it is “momentum”.

To get re-associated to that momentum;

• Call your top 10 – 20 clients and advise them that you are creating some marketing material and you are looking for some inspiration and you would like to ask them a few questions.
• What do they like best about working with you?
• What are they receiving from you that they didn’t expect?

I believe that you will be astonished and re-inspired by the value that you are creating for your clients.

Please click this link to take you into a complete article that relates to the above questions.

I believe that you will find your passion and inspiration through the power of your own written words through;

• Clearing
• Journaling giving thanks
• Practicing the following journaling;
• I observe my value of ____________ (please see the list of values in lesson 20) is being met whenever I ________________ (action) and therefore I feel __________________ use the attached feeling chart

Thank you for the opportunity to be of service and I’m looking forward to reading your work and hearing about your results.

You are on the right path; all it takes is celebrating each step of the way and reminding yourself about the value that you are providing others.

Best regards,