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What do hiring mistakes cost?

We are in the process of launching a product to eliminate the costs of hiring mistakes. I thought that I would share the writing that has been developed so far.

What do hiring mistakes cost? Leading Advisor eliminates costly hiring mistakes and saves you the 6 months to discover the following problems with Sales Candidates before you hire them:

* Dick has an inherent fear of closing!
* Jane represents herself with more authority than she has!
* Tom generates ulcers in sales managers!
* Dick resists participation as part of the team, unless seen as a leader and openly competes for control with the sales manager.
* Jane promises more service than she can deliver and creates dangerous situations by failing to document her promises.
* Tom is self-depreciating (puts self down) – doesn’t project self-confidence!
* Dick comes across as a high-pressure sales person, which antagonizes the prospect and jeopardizes the sale.
* Jane takes rejection personally, and may not close to avoid pain!
* Tom is reckless and oblivious regarding rules and policies set by management.
* Dick closes so hard that he causes the buyer to think of objections, which may be excuses rather than real objections.
* Jane dislikes routine work – fails to complete call reports, etc.

Problems with Sales Candidates are often associated to the term Unconscious Values & Behaviors Adaptation.

Why does it take 6 months to discover the above problems in Sales Candidates? Does your Sales Hiring System have safeguards to identify problems in Sales Candidates?

What did the last hiring mistake cost you? What is the biggest challenge for you when hiring Sales Associates? The fear of and making a costly hiring mistake. A Fortune 500 Company determined that a hiring mistake could cost your company 7 times yearly earnings for the position in lost time, earnings and proprietary information going to your competition.