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What Are The Significance Of Values, Positive Beliefs And Positive Emotions On Your Business?

For years, the Leading Advisor Coaching System has provided our clients with the following sustainable systems that relate to;

Fulfillment – deep, soul-orientated Feelings that one experiences when they are expressing their Values, as in being themselves.

Values – Values are WHY you approach your business and personal goals – therefore what motivates your Behavior.

– Values are “functional” forms of motivation. Most people in business and in life do not have a clear and written Values Statement.
– Behaviors – Are HOW you are currently taking action towards your business and personal goals.

Vision, Purpose & Mission – Values & Behaviors are the foundation for your Vision, Purpose & Mission. If you are not living your Values, Behaviors, Vision, Purpose & Mission, you are living someone else’s.

What are the Values and Behaviors of Today’s Leading Advisor?

Values or Unmet Needs? Most Advisors and people in general do not know the difference between a Value and an Unmet Need. Values naturally draw you forward without effort. Values are “functional” forms of motivation.

Unmet Needs “dysfunctionally” drive your behavior. Unmet Needs based motivation is dysfunctional. “Motive – the sense of need, desire, fear, etc.” – Webster’s Dictionary. What do you want to be motivated by? Need, desire and fear or something that naturally draws you forward. Most Advisors and people in general have Unmet Needs. Unmet Needs dominate and run you until they are identified and satisfied; satisfying Unmet Needs is not an option. Unmet Needs can be satisfied and when satisfied, you can be yourself.

You find ways to substitute what you really need to keep the dysfunctional drive and energy source of the Unmet Needs alive (alcohol, caffeine, food, money, nicotine, possessions, work, over promising, overselling etc.) If it is not satisfiable, it is an addiction or a compulsion. When Unmet Needs are not satisfied, your business development slows down and your quality of life diminishes. You waste money and time controlling and overanalyzing and attract conflict, rejection, struggle, suffering and time-consuming tasks and people. When Unmet Needs are satisfied you have the time and energy to love yourself, others and attract what you really want in your business and personal life. The Leading Advisor Coaching System enables you to identify and satisfy your Unmet Needs versus being covert, ignorant and inefficient about getting your Unmet Needs satisfied.

Money – a Value or Unmet Need? Money can be both a Value and an Unmet Need. To be more specific, Abundance and Currency are “Money” Values. Safety and Security are “Money” Unmet Needs. What is the significance?

Unmet Needs are the Fuel for Limiting Beliefs. If one has Unmet Needs, one always has Limiting Beliefs and vice versa. It is not either, or. And this is why it is virtually impossible to identify and consistently change Limiting Beliefs without identifying and satisfying the Unmet Needs at the same time. As an example, when one has Unmet Needs of Safety and Security, one undoubtedly has Limiting Beliefs of: I am not safe and I am not secure. It is impossible to have consistent Positive Beliefs when one has Unmet Needs.

Unmet Needs are the Fuel for Limiting Beliefs and Limiting Emotions. When one has Unmet Needs of Safety and Security, one undoubtedly has Limiting Beliefs of: I am not safe and I am not secure. With these Unmet Needs and Limiting Beliefs, one never accomplishes or creates enough to feel safe, continually attracts uncertain situations and people and feels anxious, edgy, fearful, hesitant, jittery, nervous, panicky, reluctant, restless, scared, shaky, skeptical, suspicious, uneasy and unsteady.

The Leading Advisor Coaching Program will help you to Clear your Unmet Needs, Limiting Beliefs and Limiting Emotions enabling you to create a strong foundation for your Personal and Business Vision, Plans and Goals to stand on.

Simon Reilly
The Financial Advisor Coach