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We’ve Got The Power! Well Almost.

– photo courtesy of www.energizer.com

Simon Parsons of IT Computer Service was in the office for the day installing a new main computer with a Pentium 4 – 3.2 Gigahertz Processor, 2 Gigabytes of RAM with 2 – 250 Gigabyte Mirrored Hard Drives. Simon can be reached at simon@itcomputerservice.ca.

Simon saved us an enormous amount of work and potential fraud from a new computer supplier that I tried to establish a relationship with last week. When I brought my old computer in to see if they could fix it not only did they tell me that the old computer was fried, they told me that the hard drive had been wiped clean and that it would cost $1000.00 to recover the data. When I told Simon this he told me to get my computer away from them immediately. Simon was able to recover our computer data in minutes. Hence flying Simon over from Vancouver made greater sense for the new computer. Simon can then manage the new system remotely from his location.

The new computer will take care of all of the processing, memory, storage and back up applications for a long time.

If you have been reading my last few Blogs, you will see that I take my backup and virus protection very seriously.

With the 2 – 250 Gigabyte Mirrored Hard Drives the system is backing up continually. This doesn’t prevent the computer and data from being stolen. That is why I have an automatic remote backup to another location along with a 3rd hard drive back up.

I guess I have a need of safety when it comes to computers relating to computer viruses.

– photo courtesy of www.geocities.com