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We’ve Got The Data & Co-operators Testimonials

We’ve Got The Data

All is well with the computer blow up – we have the data!

Co-operators Testimonials

I’m taking the liberty to anonymously post the Testimonials from the presentation that we did for Co-operators Second Annual Life Company Education Symposium in Regina, Saskatchewan.

The Testimonials are a result of the following questions that we asked on the feedback form.

– What did you like best about the presentation?
– What did you receive that you didn’t expect from the presentation?

What did you like best about the presentation?

Your referral talk.

Understanding the difference between ?¢‚’inspiration’ and ?¢‚’motivation’

New spin on approaching old problems.

“Wake up call” – unmet needs.

The motivation to change.

Got me thinking.

Simon’s energy.

Acknowledging ?¢‚’unmet needs’ to assist with business plans.

Opened my eyes to a number of limiting factors.

Realization of unmet needs.

Great pace and topics!

I need to shorten the length of my time for my goals – go to 90 day goals.

Values discussion.

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result!!

Interesting formula, what might my answer be.

Over and over, you drive home the same simple ideas.

Clear, well spoken and very informative. Very well done.

High energy presentation. Good use of humor, especially appreciated your perspective on taking care of yourself and your family.

Motivational talks help me to refocus and use my energy more wisely.

Hot to ask for referrals.

Finding root issues, not focusing on you.

Everything. Inspiring, made me think about my own values & behaviors. What I am letting get in my way to success.

All of it.

Very different approach.

Fulfilling unmet needs – and values.

Your energy and humor.

Thought provoking.

Realizing that unmet needs are what limit my successes.

Emphasis on values and inner self. How to overcome obstacles, how to relate your story to others to become more successful.

Facts and reality.

Idea for shorter goal times frames are more manageable.

The referral information – how to ask – why to ask.

Emphasis on values and vision vs. motives.

Your material is right on – relevant.

What did you receive that you didn’t expect from the presentation?

Balance – I thought it might just be results driven motivation. It was more than that. It was about growing your vision and business which includes your outside world as well. (family, friends)

A new outlook.

Concept that it’s not about you, it’s about the Client’s needs. Great words for staff meetings!

Hopefully a free Mont Blanc pen!. Seriously, your website, etc. This will give me a place to go for help. NFL reference – wow that’s good.

Tip on shortening goals to 90 days.

Value description.

Referral information and ideas.
Top 20 Clients – Questions to ask them – What do you like best?
What do I do for you, that you didn’t expect?
What can I do to improve my service?

Lots of good questions. Again, what might my answer be.


Information regarding dysfunctional ego that hinders success.

That the need for ?¢‚’safety’ is so negative in a sales career.

I had no expectation going in, so all of this was unexpected.

Not applicable to me. Presentation was everything I expected.

12 Day Free E-Course with all of this information.

Insight on myself.

Motivation in financial planning business.

Survey and Referral System information.

Realizing that my unmet needs are what limit my successes.

Really looking at yourself to become more successful, and identifying your unmet needs.

I had no expectation, came with an open mind.

Great message!

Working values into performance enhancement.

Validation that I’m not far out.