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WestJet – Another Reason To Fly Them

It’s 10:20am EDT on Saturday and I’m flying from Toronto, ON to Vancouver, BC.

A gentleman dressed in a polo shirt introduces himself over the microphone from the front of the plane as a VP with WestJet and welcomes us and thanks us for flying WestJet.

The next thing I know he is working with the flight attendants picking up garbage and newspapers.

To top it all off, the VP offered their emergency row seat which has extra leg room to a passenger that is 6′ 5″.

WestJet’s staff has the best attitude and they come from heart and it shows. I suppose that is why they made $75,000,000 last quarter.

My next flight is from Vancouver, BC to Nanaimo, BC with, you guessed it, Air Canada. As my friend Chris Barrow would say, I wonder if the staff will show up with a face that looks like a slapped ass. Having said this, some, not all of Air Canada’s staff looks unhappy in their jobs. I suppose it is because they get so much negative press. I hope that they can put the heart back in their business.