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We Have An Advocis And Audience Buzz & What Are You Writing?

Wednesday’s 8am gig was followed by a rather long travel day that was compounded with leaving Toronto 40 minutes late because all the bags had to be unloaded off of the plane and reloaded because a bag was checked in by a passenger that did not show up. Hmmmm?

Ironically here I am sitting in my seat furiously writing and Marlene, the WestJet Flight Attendant asks me; “What are you writing”?

“I’m writing a book called Eliminate Fear”. Hmmmm?

I did what I said that I was going to do on trip so I was tired when I got to Calgary.

My outcomes for the trip were to;

– Deliver two outstanding gigs
– Write the draft of the update of the Products Section of the Web Site
– Write the draft introductory chapter for my Book that will serve as the September E-Newsletter
– Re-focus the Marketing Plan

So after a couple of nights of 5 hours of sleep and a sore butt from sitting on the plane I received three great messages when I got to Calgary;

– One from Laura that an Advocis Chapter in Manitoba wants us for a gig in November

– I received the following test message from an attendee of one of the gigs that I just completed;

“I was fascinated to read your blog from yesterday’s activities. You are very candid.

The combination of your jet-lagged 8:00 am time slot and a room containing a number of people whom I know are already “emotionally retired” and just looking for CE credits would be very challenging.

But like insurance, investments, broken water heater, etc – you have to catch the right people at the right time. Your presentation was, by far, the most relevant for me over the 2 days.”

– Another from Laura who just completed a discussion with another attendee of one of the gigs that we just completed and they want to bring me in to speak to their company.

All of this was a huge energy burst as the road can be very energy draining at times.