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We Give Thanks

– picture courtesy of http://bksschoolhouse.com

Given that I used the Sunday’s of January 7th and 14th to fly to Toronto, ON and Calgary, AB, this past weekend came as a blessing that I really appreciated.

Time off from work. The only thing that I did work related was to stop and give thanks and here is the list. The following is offered as a demonstration of an exercise that I truly believe in so that others may be inspired to take action to write their “Giving Thanks” in a gratitude journal.

I am grateful and thankful for the following and as a result I feel; alive, appreciative, confident, encouraged, energetic, fulfilled, grateful, happy, inspired, peaceful, relaxed, satisfied and wonderful.

• Our Clients are successful
• Our Vision is being realized
• Our Business & Marketing Plan is clear & complete
• All our Projects are prioritized
• My Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentations in Toronto, ON London, ON, Calgary, AB and Richmond, BC were successful
• We attracted a Strategic Alliance with a large Mutual Fund Company
• Our January 2007 E-Newsletter was published in a new blog format
• We have an improved Web Site Resources Section
• We completed a 10 Minute Movie Of Removing Your Roadblocks To Success
• We attracted a New USA Client from the Web Site
• We have a Full Practice
• We have 10 New Qualified Prospects
• We booked a new Advocis Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentation
• We have many Financial Advisor Public Speaking Presentation Prospects
• We have an excellent Team
• We are Profitable
• We are Successful
• The stage is set to write Removing Your Roadblocks To Success